Abby, Where Are You From?

I’m from late nights of homework and early mornings for school. Eating an early breakfast with some decaf coffee so I can catch my bus. Dogs barking at the morning doves, and guinea pigs weaking for their daily hay. From the “sizzling” of the griddle as I make egg frittatas for my family every weekend.



I’m from a loud dad excited to see us when he comes home from work. Sometimes  bringing something expensive home because he thought it looked cool or it had a good deal. Loving family that is always there for me. My fun to be with and go places with family. The same family that drives me to school if I miss the bus, to my friends houses, or the mall.



I’m from Crazy friends who act like sisters I never had but always wanted. Friends that never leave each other like gorilla glue on fingers. My friends I would want to keep in touch with when I’m older and out of college and beg and beg me to stay with them at Joel barlow even though i’m considering a different high school with Culinary arts.




I’m from small towns that no one’s ever heard of. Small, sweet, town festivals every fall, summer, and spring.  A town where everybody knows your name. Our town that only has 3 stoplights and 2 schools. And the same town that has parades where kids light up when they see firemen throwing candy.



I’m from traveling to an exotic place almost every year. A warm sun on a beach or european music playing at a cafe. Having so much fun I forget what day it is and it’s time to go the next morning. Traveling for too long that i miss my pets too much.



I’m from trying to bake as much as I can in one weekend or one school year.  For one of the best teachers that teaches me, my mom. She’s always there for me like when I’m struggling on my creme brulee and still can’t make it right she comes up to me and says “It’s ok honey we’ll keep on practicing and practicing until we get it right”.



I’m that early breakfast-eating, loving family-driving, Crazy friends-having, small town-living, traveling places-going, pet-loving, never giving up-baking, girl.

That’s where I’m from.

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6 thoughts on “Abby, Where Are You From?

  1. Abby,
    I really liked hearing you read your poem and I really liked reading it. It’s so descriptive. I could pick out several lines that I really liked but the one that stays with me is the one in which you are writing about your “small, sweet” hometown and how it is the kind of place where kids get smiles when firemen throw candy to them during parades. That is the kind of detail that almost everyone can not only picture but has an emotional reaction to; that is good writing; that is what you want to do as a writer: get an emotional reaction from your reader. And the reason why that is a detail that elicits an emotional reaction because it speaks to a place that people really do long to reside in forever: a place that harbors innocence. Kids smiling at firemen who throw candy at them. What a great line. Thanks for sharing.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Dear Abby,

    Great job! I really liked reading your poem! I really enjoyed how you had pictures to go with every stanza. I especially liked the one of the carnival because I could tell it was the Easton Fireman’s Carnival! Did you take that picture yourself? One thing you need to watch is just simple spelling mistakes. Also, you should add the names of your pets to make it more personal. Another thing I liked was all of the details you added, like when you talked about how when you can’t get your creme brulee right she’ll come and help you until you get it right. Overall, you did a great job!


  3. Abby!

    I loved your poem! My favorite stanza had to be the one about your dad bringing home expensive stuff because he thinks it looks cool or it had a good deal on it, it made me laugh. Just a note for further reference, to make a piece a little bit more personal, add names of pets! Trust me it makes a big difference. Your whole poem gave me a real sense of who you are and what you think of our town. Over all your piece was gorgeous and really enjoyable to read!


  4. Dear abby,
    I loved you writing especially the paragragh about the friends, it’s true we do stick together like glue by the way love that analogy. Also someone reading this who has never heard of our small town could imagine a pretty vivid picture of our town just by what you wrote. Abby you did a great job, you should write more you are an amazing writer i would love to read anything you right.


    P.S i loved the pitures you used they really brought the piece alive.

  5. Dear Abby,
    I really liked your poem! I loved how yo described your “small, sweet” hometown because I can relate to it. It really gives the reader a visual and understanding of where you live. I also liked how you incorporated your family. You didn’t just put their names in and say who they were, you told the readers how your family helped you throughout your daily life, and how much they mean to you. I also enjoyed the part about your mom being “one of the best teachers that teaches me”. You described an event that happened to you and how your mom helped, and what it meant to you that she helped. You had a really nice piece.
    -Alex Harris

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