Andrew, Where Are You From?

Andrew, where are you from?
Where are you from, Andrew?

I’m from being on the soccer field four days in a row, or playing in games that were too tense to forget, Remembering watching my first soccer  FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid in a league game on FOX

I’m from trips with the ECC to everywhere in NYC and winning thousands of tickets from Dave and Busters or Zac and Gavin getting destroyed by waves on the NYC beast speedboat tour. Or my personal favorite, SkyZone, getting the GoPro but on my chest and playing dodgeball while jumping on trampolines

I’m from vacations with my family to hot and attraction built places such as, the thirteen hour drive Myrtle Beach South Carolina, or cool nature based six hour away Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York.

I’m from playing every scale and song I could think of on the piano until I quit when I was eight and then falling in love with the trumpet and playing jazz and band music until my mouth couldn’t play another basic note.

I’m from a basketball town, where basketball seemed to be more important than math or reading, where I scored 20 points in a game where my team didn’t lose a game, Even though I never scored 20 points in a game again.

I’m that soccer ball-kicking, ECC trip-taking, vacation-favoriting, jazz-band player, basketball-shooting guy.

That’s where I’m from

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3 thoughts on “Andrew, Where Are You From?

  1. Your poem was very good. I liked the details about when you played basketball in your hometown. I think the video about the beast tour and all the pictures you added really helped me visualize what you wrote.

  2. Andrew,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. I like how you included going on trips with the ECC and how your favorite one was the closest trip and how you have done many things in you past like piano but you outgrew them and found new things.
    Jake Petrino

  3. Andrew,
    Your piece showed lots of detail, this is displayed when you told the anecdote “my first soccer FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid in a league game on FOX” I liked how you included that you watched it on FOX.

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