Anthony, Where Are You From?

I’m from that hardworking family who never fails to make me happy. Who puts my life before theirs and can always be there for you through the ups and downs that life has to throw.


         I’m from vacationing in Lake George on hot summer days. Going intense white water rafting. and eating s’mores by the fire.

         I’m from a big blue barn with horses all around. Where horses are speeding by racing to a post and the smell of hay is always in the air.

         I’m from moving from 6 different houses starting at the age of 4, to finding the perfect home in which i live now while making friendships along the way.

        I’m from having the best of friends anyone can ask for. If you’re ever feeling down they will pick you back up and they always know the best things to say. They’re funny and loud but that’s what I love about them.

        I’m that hard working-family, vacationing-in Lake George, horsing-around, moving-to find that perfect home,  and best friend having boy.

That’s where I’m from.

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9 thoughts on “Anthony, Where Are You From?

  1. Anthony, this was an amazing story! My favorite part is about when you talked about your friends! This is so true, we always, everyday try to make you happy. This has so many details and the pictures are awesome!
    -Caroline the teedy bird!

  2. This was amazing! I liked when you said, the smell of hay in the air because its really good and easy to visualize. especially with the photo that goes with them. And your welcome for being a great friend!

  3. Anthony
    I loved your poem and your pictures. They really go along with your poem. My favorite picture is the one about friends. My most favorite line in your poem is when you said “moving from 6 different houses starting at the age of 4, to finding the perfect home”. I can’t really relate to this because I have never moved but I think it must be very interesting to move to 6 different places.

  4. Hey Anthony
    I like how you talked about you going to lake Georgia in the way that you did. i think it was just enough in the small amount of words that you wrote. However, more words defiantly won’t hurt

  5. Anthony,

    i really enjoyed really your piece. It was very good! you described everything and truly explained where you are from like ‘moving from six different houses since I was 4.” i also enjoyed the part about your friends!;)


  6. Dear Anthony,
    I really like your writing piece. I can really relate to your first paragraph and I thought it was thoughtful that you added that in. I also really liked that you gave description and taught the reader about yourself in the paragraph, when you talked about moving from house to house.

  7. Anthony,
    This was fun to read because you added the pictures to go along with your paragraphs. My favorite picture was the one of the two fingures and the little saying. And I can relate to you because I have also moved several times.

  8. Anthony,
    I really liked the friends part(your welcome by the way) and the horse part, even though the stanzas are short I can understand them, picture them and relate to half of it. Also the amount of creative pictures that go along with each stanza really helped visualize what your saying. With Kiki, my favorite line of the poem is the “moving from 6 different houses starting at the age of 4, to finding the perfect home”, I definitely can’t relate to it but you have told me about it so I can see it clearly. You did a really good job and I’m happy as well as the squad that we’re your friends.

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