Caroline, Where Are You From.

I’m from starting the day listening to Green Day in the car on our way to school, playing my favorite song Holiday.


I’m from making food with my dad in the hot kitchen trying not to be late to the barbeque or party.

I’m from having barbecues at our friends house stuffing the back of the car with nerf guns and bullets preparing to have a nerf war.



I’m from a huge game of manhunt in our yard hiding with one of my friends listening to them scream “where are you guys the game is over!” while we sneak to the base and say “WE WIN!”


I’m from a trip to the mall for starbucks and candy.


I’m that Green Day listener, fast cooking, nerf war player, manhunt playing, starbucks and candy eating girl.


That’s where I’m from.


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2 thoughts on “Caroline, Where Are You From.

  1. Dear Carline,

    You had a good poem. Even though the stanzas where short, I could still understand what you where saying especially when you described the man hunt game I could see you playing it (and winning). But over all good job!!


    Anthony Turturino

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