Christian, Where Are You From

Christian Where Are You From


Christian, where are you from. Where are you from Christian


I’m from waking up early in the morning, walking down stairs, and watching tv until 7:35 when i brush my teeth, eat breakfast and walk down my long steep driveway to wait for the long yellow bus that picks me up every morning 185 days of the year.


I’m from looking at the clock every five minutes during fifth period anticipating lunch where i will laugh until my stomach hurts and my eyes water from countless games of “flick” and cap hockey.


I’m from Rushing down the seventh grade hall after health class to the eighth grade hall and swiftly unloading my locker into my backpack then running back to the bus loop where i talk with friends until my bus arrives or leaves without me.


I’m from getting off bus 6 every afternoon and lumbering up my driveway where the dogs bark and wag their tails at my presence. I pet them and then go inside and am greeted by the refreshing blast of AC as i slide the glass door open.


I’m from fishing in the pond across the street from my house after school on hot summer afternoons and catching endless amounts of sunnies and internally celebrating when i catch the occasional bass. Along with my neighbor being cautious about snapping turtles.”Hey sweety! Make sure you stay out of the water because i don’t want liability problems if you get hurt!”


I’m from skipping school a couple times a year and going to mead pond in new canaan where i look for frogs and turtles. I go to my friends house after he gets home from school and play games of basketball, ultimate frisbee with his family, and play with his dog brody man q.


I’m that early-morning, friend-laughing, bus-running, dog-loving, pond-fishing, school-skipping kind of boy.


That’s where i’m from.

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5 thoughts on “Christian, Where Are You From

  1. Christian,
    I thought your paragraphs were well-written. I especially enjoyed the stanza where you were “…anticipating lunch…”, I thought that was true for me too. I think you could have done some further editing as you had many typing mistakes. Overall, you did well.
    Luke Wergeles

    1. Christian,
      Your writing was very amusing because you described so well. The stanza that I enjoyed the most was when you talked about going to the pond in New Canaan. The picture that you included really made it seem like I was actually at the pond because it provided a visual of what it looks like. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dear Christian,
    I especially loved the part of your poem when you talked about catching fish and catching the occasional bass, because with your description I can feel as though I am seeing this so called pond and experiencing you catching a fish. I deeply enjoyed the dialogue where you said that your neighbor was worried about snipping turtles and liability. All in all I really enjoyed your piece good work. 🙂


  3. Christian,
    I really like each one of your stanzas. Especially the one about grabbing your backpack and running down to the bus loop to leave school. I can definitely relate to that. I can also relate and so can Luke about the part where you’re anticipating lunch and then hurrying into line so you won’t be last then wait until lunch is practically over before actually starting to eat. Great job overall.
    -Parker Barnett

  4. Christian,

    I enjoyed how you described what you do at lunch but what do you talk about?
    Do you make new friends? that’s what I’d like to know, keep writing

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