Erin, Where Are You From?

I’m from the place where ferrets play, hopping and bounding around, and somehow always getting into trouble. All three of them scampering around having endless fun throughout the room. Using clothes as hiding places and using my laptop as a trampoline, they always seem to get into trouble…

I’m from those weekend movie nights with friends. Curled up watching movies sharing laughs, and pretending not to cry during the Notebook… “I’ve been staring at the screen too long” is one of our excuses that no one ever believes.

I’m from the soccer fields where we make great plays, saves, and goals. We go hard and never give up, and we always talk on the field. There is never a silent moment… Where we do fitness 120’s and Indian sprints until it hurts to breathe.

I’m from the endless nights playing video games with friends, yelling, and screaming calls until ungodly hours of the night. We always have competitions and never stop talking, complaining and making excuses when we lose. We stick up for each other when others won’t. Always defending each other no matter what.

I’m from the riding ring where I train, fall, and have fun. Riding alone or riding with friends always managing to have fun and show off. Showing off to friends is what I do if I’m not alone in the ring. Praising our horses and correcting behavior on a daily basis. We manage to teach them things and don’t realize their teaching us too.

I’m that ferret-loving, weekend movie-watching, fitness 120’s-enjoying, video game-playing, horseback-riding girl.

That’s where I’m from.

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