Gabi, Where Are You From?

I’m from days on the beach, attempting to tan my Scottish-Irish skin, but soon giving in to the calling surf.


I’m from sword fights in the basement, the clash of plastic against plastic that will determine which brother controls the video console.


I’m from firefly nights on the back porch, with creaky swings and sticky, s’more fingers.


I’m from hours at the piano, writing and playing, and days on the stage, belting ”Le Miserables”  and “Joy to the World”.


I’m from the paint splattered art studio where the brushes are never clean and I never have enough paper.


I’m from afternoons at the movies, with the glow of the screen barely emitting enough light for me to tell apart my red Sour Patch Kids from the orange ones, that I despise.

I’m from the fangirl moments, when those “never ending hiatuses” end, when RWBY gets a new season, when the Doctor regenerates for the 12th time, when Steven pulls out Rose’s shield, when Bill makes a deal, and when Snape says “Always.”

I’m from the grey house with the green shutters and the gawky, lightning-struck trees surrounding it.


I’m from summers spent between shelves at the public library, with the cool AC blowing down my back, and a good book propped up on my lap.

I’m from sunny days in the scorching heat, tap tap tapping the soccer ball down the make-shift field in the side yard.


I’m that tan-attempting, sword-fighting, s’more-finger-swinging, piano-playing, messy-painting, movie-watching, fangirl-momenting, green-shutter-house-living, bookshelf-hiding, soccer-playing girl.

That’s where I’m from.


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5 thoughts on “Gabi, Where Are You From?

  1. Dear Gabi,
    I really like how you added in the part where you said ” I attempt to tan my Scottish-Irish skin”. I think that this was a great detail to add because it gives information about where your actually are from and what you are without actually saying it. You added a lot of little details like this which I think makes it enjoyable because it lets the reader know more about yourself while putting the information into everyday life events; instead of saying “I’m Scottish and Irish” you made it more interesting. Good job.

    1. Gabi,

      I really enjoyed the part when you said “attempting to tan my Scottish-Irish skin, but soon giving in to the calling surf” I thought that was a great detail to tell what a days like on the beach for gab gab. It also gives a little bit of humor in my opinion. You also showed a lot of detail in your story and information of your family such as your brothers who fight over the game console. It was very good Gabi and I enjoyed reading it.

      From Abby

  2. Dear Gabi,
    I really loved your piece and how you were so descriptive about all of your passions. The way that you summarize all of the hows and cartoons and how you mentioned Steven Universe! This was a very great piece and I love how you explained all of you in a page, that is a very difficult task. You can learn so much from this piece and I really enjoyed reading it, you will always be an amazing writer. Great job Gabi Johnston.

  3. Dear Gabi,

    I really enjoyed your poem. I though it was full of detail. I especially loved the part where you say “I’m from firefly nights on the back porch, with creaky swings and sticky, s’more fingers.” because it is so true and very relatable.

    From Victoria

  4. Gabi,
    I love your poem! I know you don’t want me to reply to this but I can see all those things that you do, like how you fan girl over Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Doctor Who and RWBY. I can picture it only because I know you outside/inside school and as a friend. One thing I would change is have more detail in each stanza, just because people who don’t know you like the readers from California don’t know you, yet alone haven’t seen you.

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