Grant, Where Are You From?


I’m from my hard-working mother and father, Robyn and Jonathan, my long-time dog Bosco, always making me smile, even on his last days with us, and Barkley, my new puppy.


I’m from the big white house on the long black gravel driveway with the huge, dark green yard, perfect for doing anything under the sun, especially having a catch.


I’m from extra-inning baseball games that almost always begin and end with a grin on my face no matter the outcome, shaking hands with opponents, and not hesitating to congratulate teammates on their accomplishments.


I’m from Long car rides going to see my family in Long Island, constant car games, even at late hours of the night, lasting for hours to pass time.


I’m from Mets, Yankees, Giants, and Knicks games with my dad, always wishing, “Dad, can we please stay for the last few minutes,” or “Just one more inning, it’s not that late.”


I’m that Dog-loving, white house-living, baseball-playing, long-car-riding, sports game-watching boy.

That’s where I’m from.

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4 thoughts on “Grant, Where Are You From?

  1. I liked how you include description of your property, talking about your big white house, long black gravel driveway, and the huge dark green yard which is perfect for doing anything under the sun. I think it’s important because it helps me learn what is unique to just you compared to others. I also like how you include asking your dad to stay just a few more minutes or one more inning to watch sports games, as I am a big sports fan and I feel the same way watching them.

  2. Grant,
    I really liked reading this piece and all of the detail that you put in. I really liked the line where you were at a baseball game and you kept telling your dad if you could stay one more inning, I think that you could’ve added more detail to help people picture the scene better. Such as where the places are and more details on all of the car trips and stuff, but to finish, this was a very good writing piece.

  3. Dear Grant,
    I enjoyed reading your poem thoroughly. I liked the part when you are describing you on the baseball field. It’s obviously your personality, you included descriptive words in your poem. I can see you on the baseball field shaking peoples hands in my head.

  4. Dear Grant,
    I really enjoyed reading your piece. I liked how you were able to include dialogue into your 5th Stanza. When somebody is able to do that, it really makes their piece that much better, especially in a poem. Good job, keep up the good work.
    Your pal,

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