Hanna, Where Are You From?

Hanna, where are you from?

Where are you from, Hanna?

I’m from Christmas Eve, laughing with my cousins, begging to open my presents, eating tons of spaghetti, and drinking eggnog until I feel sick


I’m from singing on a chairlift during ski club making sure everybody can hear, whispering secrets behind hand, running around the mall trying to fit everything in, and having sleepovers with my friends.

I’m from Florida, chasing my brothers around on the beach, trying to push my dad in the pool, mini golfing with my grandparents, and walking around Epcot with my family.

I’m from working for two hours at the Easton Carnival trying to get a wristband, riding to the top of the rip cord and screaming all the way down, saying to my friends “ I’m never going to do that again.”

I’m from driving  up to Maine with my family, getting thrown off the tube by my Uncles, my mom, and my dad, getting up on the wake-board on my first try, walking across train tracks to get ice cream, and eating cookie dough while sharing stories with my cousins.

I’m from going on my boat and  meeting up with my  family friends, holding on to the tube screaming at the top of my lungs, diving into the cold water, and getting towed in by Sea Tow at least once a summer.

I’m that Christmas-loving, chairlift-singing, beach-running, ripcord-riding, cookie dough-eating, boat-riding girl.

That’s where I’m from.

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6 thoughts on “Hanna, Where Are You From?

  1. Hanna,
    I really liked your piece, the pictures you posted helped me enhance my understanding of the paragraph. In addition I liked the part were you described how you felt at the top of the rip cord. Also I enjoyed how you added dialogue in your piece. For example, screaming all the way down, saying to my friends “ I’m never going to do that again.” I could picture this image in my head, as you scream all the way down the rip cord. Did you end up doing the rid cord again? What is your favorite ride at the carnival? Add these details to broaden the story.
    Julia Hartmann

    1. Hanna,
      Your piece was very well written and came together very well. One particular line that stood out to me was when you talked about the Easton carnival. The reason why I thought this line was so good is because it had dialog that made the writing come to life. It was clear that you had a lot of good ideas to write about but next time you could try to expand more on your thoughts instead of switching ideas every couple sentences.
      -James Porter

  2. Hi Hanna!
    I really liked your poem. Every single sentence was filled with detail. My favorite stanza was the one about going tubing on your boat and ” screaming at the top of my lungs”. It was really well written and I was able to picture what was going on. The pictures that you added helped me really picture everything in my head.
    Good Job!!!!!
    Hannah Wergeles

  3. Hanna,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. I liked hearing about how you have to work two hours at Easton carnival to be able to get a wristband.One line that stuck out was “screaming to the top of my lungs.” I thought that was a great way to describe how you were feeling when you tube. I also really enjoyed the pictures that you added.
    -Erin Carroll

  4. hey hanna,

    I really enjoyed your piece I liked the part when u said “drinking eggnog until I feel sick” that was funny and gave me an understanding about how much you love eggnog during the holiday season. I also liked how you mentioned that you work at the Easton carnival and that you tell your friends “I’m never doing that again” because I was there once when you said that yet you went on many more times. this was a very well written piece!


  5. Hanna,
    I really liked your poem especially the stanza of the easton carnival when you said “riding to the top of the rip cord and screaming all the way down, saying to my friends I’m never going to do that again.” You coul have elaborated more on one idea instead of just switching to somthething else in a stanza like for florida and christmas eve. I also really liked all of the pictures that you included.


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