Hannah, Where are you from?


I’m from an average size family of five With two amazing parents and the somewhat funny brother and sister named Luke and Sarah.  When we are not all fighting, we have the best times together whether it’s just biking around the neighborhood or watching tv together.


I’m from the blenheim colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Kingsley who likes to run around during the day, barking his head off at all the cats and squirrels that run by, and curl up into a little tiny ball at night. I love talking him for long walks around our neighborhood.


I’m from the most kind-hearted friends who never stop making me smile and laugh until i can barely breath. I love their sometimes funny jokes. Hanging out with them is always a blast whether we are just hanging out or going to the mall.


I’m from a white house in Easton with a trampoline in the backyard and a basketball hoop in the front yard. My neighborhood is filled with so many kids my age. I love walking my dog along the streets with my friend Erin and biking up and down the huge hills.


I’m from the Sunday night dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with the most delicious food i’ve ever tasted. Tucker barks for food until my grandparents let in and give him some.I love sneaking candy from the “candy drawer” with my siblings that my grandma always refills right before we come to visit.

I’m that family-loving, dog-walking, laughing-till I can’t breathe, trampoline jumping, Sunday-night-dinners at my Grandparents house type of girl.

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4 thoughts on “Hannah, Where are you from?

  1. Hannah,

    I really enjoyed reading your piece. I liked how you included the stanza about Kingsley and how you take him for walks around the neighborhood. I wish you had included more about your bike rides. I also really liked your paragraph about your friends because it was very descriptive and kind.

  2. Dear Hannah,
    I really enjoyed your stanza about your grandparents. I liked how you said “always refills before we visit” because it added a lot more for me to picture and it showed that you had a special relationship with your grandparents.


  3. Hannah,
    I really liked your piece and I liked how you went into detail about what you like about your friends, and I enjoyed reading about your dog and detail about him.


  4. Hannah,
    I really enjoyed reading your piece. Somethings I enjoyed about it was how you described what types of activities you do with your dog. For example, I like when you said how you said that you ” love taking him for long walks around our neighborhood.” This piece of information helped me picture the activities better.
    Julia Hartmann

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