Jake, Where Are From?

I’m from the fire-breathing wood stove that always demands wood and work, year round. From the wood splitting in the summer to stoking the fire in the winter.

I’m from the work till dark family in many aspects from the jobs to the many projects we take on from rusted out jeeps to broken snow plows.

I’m from the family that has extra car on hand, well if we can keep them running for more than a month.

I’m from the trail blazing dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and quads that rip up the trails behind my house every weekend available.

I’m from the Nantucket sand beaches that invites me back every summer to enjoy the sun and Never ending waves, rolling up on the beach one after another.

Surfside beach, Nantucket MA

I’m that fire-breathing, hard-working, car-hoarding, trail-riding, Beach-going guy.

Thats where I’m from

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2 thoughts on “Jake, Where Are From?

  1. Jake,
    I really like the line about how you have to chop wood for the winter it shows all the responsibilities you have to do during the year. It also gives me a very clear picture in my head about what the woods look like through your descriptive words and your pictures. I also liked the line about where you listed all the type of biking you do with your family every weekend available. It shows that you’re an outdoorsy kind of person and obviously like biking.
    Parker B.

  2. Jake,
    I really liked your whole poem but the Nantucket part pulled me in. You have a chance to be much more descriptive with the line. What do you do in Nantucket other than the beach? What do you like to do at the beach? If you add these in you can really expand and put the reader in the scene with you

    Kamron Manii

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