James, Where Are You From?

I’m from the old fashioned white house with a pool in the back, and my two sisters always on the go, with the parents always looking for ways to embarrass me, and that crazy dog looking for attention and gets jealous whenever someone touches the cat instead of her.

I’m from the dry lacrosse fields, practicing for big tournaments all around the northeast; the annual hot summer lacrosse camp to enhance my skills, and that close game that comes down to the fourth quarter , always practicing in the

spring with my team.

I’m from that big old cottage in East Dennis Cape Cod, Chilling by the beach with my head resting on a soft warm towel, and my Dad calling for me “James want to toss the football”, drifting in the light blue refreshing water.

I’m from the chilling house in New Hampshire right next to Cannon mountain, where my family can show our love for skiing going down black diamonds, and the amazing feeling of walking into the pleasant, peaceful lodge after a bitter run with the wind whipping in your face.

I’m from Metlife stadium with my Dad watching Odell Beckham make amazing circus catches with ease, and the notorious entertainment of being up close with the stars, with the enormous satisfaction of getting a ball signed by some of my favorite players.

I’m from that pet-owning, lacrosse-playing, beaching-chilling, New Hampshire-skiing, Giants-cheering kid.
That’s where i’m from.

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5 thoughts on “James, Where Are You From?

  1. Dear James,
    I really enjoyed reading your piece. My favorite part is when you described your dog as, “that crazy dog looking for attention and gets jealous whenever someone touches the cat instead of her.” It really put a picture in my head and I could visualize the scene. That’s a tough part of writing; writers who are able to put a picture in the readers mind are head and shoulders above the rest.
    Your pal,

  2. Dear James,
    I really liked your poem. My favorite part of the poem is when you were describing “the big old cottage” you included strong words that makes the reader read on. Also, I could clearly see the blue water and tossing the football around. Good Job

  3. James,
    I found that your piece of writing was very enjoyable and really interesting. I liked how you gave your dog emotions like calling her “jealous” and giving her characteristics like “crazy”. It seems very hard to do but you made it look easy. Maybe next time you could add in your dog and cats name. It would make it more specific. Thanks for letting me read.

  4. James, I really like your piece and when u describe your mom trying to embarrass you i can relate to when we were at the mall and my mom kept saying swag. Also i liked when you talk about being at met life with your dad and seeing the insane catch. It makes me visualize myself there.
    Your bud,
    Christian Thomas Hiden

  5. James

    I liked your piece a lot, I liked how you talked about lacrosse like you saying always training for tournaments was a good detail, What team/teams are you on? I really enjoyed your piece especially that paragraph

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