Johanna, Where Are You From?

I’m from waking up early on saturday mornings, cuddling up in a blanket and going to watch old reruns of shows that make me laugh, while my brother plays baseball in the backyard and shouts to the neighbors to come and play.


I’m from crazy friends that always are there for me and would never leave my side, even as I crack stupid jokes and try to make them smile always with my positive attitude, as we dance around and act crazy just to have a good time while my appreciation for them grows deeper , later ending the day with a group movie night and chatting about funny things.


I’m from long nights spent awake not putting down a good book, attempting to try and sleep every so often, but every time it ends up that I just want to read even more, meanwhile fantasizing about how the mystery will end.


I’m from vacation bonfires on the beach in the Cape and yelling at my brother, “Stop stuffing your face with marshmallows!” as I stuff my face even more than his, meanwhile my dad is building one heck of a bonfire considering how windy it is, with chuckles from my mother as me and Drew have a gymnastics competition, always ending in us rolling over with laughter.


I’m from getting the thrill of performing live on a stage and getting my lines (hopefully) right each time, singing my heart out as the music that I have memorized pours out of my mouth with no hesitation, dancing around the stage with all my might even though nobody will notice it in a group number.


I’m from countless attempts to starts my own book night after night when I can’t sleep, but only realizing that I will end up with another short story instead, always having a spark of imagination that will take me to five pages.


I’m from many sports and many teams no matter what the season is, ski club always being fun and light hearted and ending in cold feet warmed up by the lodge fire, soccer always being competitive when I’m on the team and kind teammates always accepting me.


I’m that cartoon-loving, crazy-friending, long-night-spending, marshmallow-stuffing, perform-thrilling, book-starting, sports-team-bonding girl.


That’s where I’m from.



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1 thought on “Johanna, Where Are You From?

  1. Johanna,
    I loved your poem! You had such great detail and it really made me picture everything we(as a squad), your trips to the Cape, performing and singing, you on your marathons and the effort and fun you have while playing soccer/going to ski club. I can’t wait for it! My favorite part was the going to the Cape because I know you go there every summer or a lot and I know what Drew is like out of school so I see the gymnastics competition and you guys stuffing marshmallows and your dad setting up the bonfire.

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