Julia, Where Are You From?

I’m from early mornings to late nights, parents who get everyone where they need to be, 3 loud siblings and lots of homework. My family is always running somewhere, to the mall, to sports, to friends, and finally home.


I’m from flying off a tube with my best friends falling into the water, to relaxing on my boat all day. Cruising from one island to the next feeling the warm wind blowing in our salty faces as the boat skims the surface of the ocean floor. Hearing the engine from the fast moving boat to the laughter from the mouths of our guests.

I’m from driving my grandma insane from the traditional Camp Grandma Carol’s that we hold at her house every year, to the sound of crazy children in the pool. My mom is the host of the extraordinary week at grandma’s house, the whole family comes down. It goes from mini-golf games, to cupcake wars at the house.


I’m from fears of the creatures in the deep blue ocean, to the couch with my dog acting like a blanket. From the boat to the ocean there is a ginormous change, being safe to being in the sharks world. Not knowing what is under you is a big phobia that I will someday overcome.


I’m from memories of having cousins as neighbors to seeing them everyday. Games that we make up are insane, and everyday I wonder to myself what if we were never neighbors? And everyday I get the same answer, “ I would not have had the wonderful, fun relationship I have with my cousins.”


I’m from family vacations, to my dad telling me to get over my fear of sharks. “ Don’t be scared, you should only be scared if you see a great white shark,” he says. “ Well that doesn’t help,” I respond. From Italy to Alaska from cruise to land with one half of the family, celebrating 50th anniversaries and other events.

I’m from hearing the soccer ball being hit by one of my team-mates to hearing the writing of a pencil in school. Friends in every class, to lunch and projects. From midfield to defense, to water and then the cycle starts over again.

I’m that early bird-going, grandma-loving, memory-making, shark-fearing, big family-loving, soccer-playing, school-going, boat-loving, every day girl.


That’s where I’m from.


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5 thoughts on “Julia, Where Are You From?

  1. Julia,

    I really liked how you talked about spending time on your boat because it was really interesting. I especially liked how you used the words “cruising” and “salty faces.” They made the piece have more detail. I wish you had included more about your boat rides because it sounds like you have a really good time.


    1. Julia,
      I really liked when you mentioned your phobia. That’s something I didn’t know about you, I liked how you described you fear and compared it to being on water.
      Hanna 🙂

  2. Dear Julia,
    I really liked how you described your relationship with animals and how you have a fear of “fears of the creatures in the deep blue ocean” it gave a better image of how you felt about sharks and then understanding that you like dogs too. I think it’d help if you gave more reason of why you are afraid of sharks.

  3. Julia,
    I really enjoyed your writing, Especially the many descriptive words that you but in. Like how you skim across the water and blowing a salty breeze. It really felt lik I was there on the boat too.

  4. Julia,
    I loved your piece I got to learn a lot about you. I loved how you used a lot of detail. For example, “Cruising from one island to the next feeling the warm wind blowing in our salty faces as the boat skims the ocean floor.” I really liked that because your describing what it feels like to be on your boat. Also, I really liked how you described Camp Grandma Carol’s.
    Erin Carroll

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