Kristine, Where Are You From?

I’m from the morning where the cling of the pots and pans floats all the way up to my bed, where the beep, beep noise destroys the whole silence that surrounds me, where my eyes open and I yawn. Where I get up even though I know I’m unready to start the day.


I’m from my porch where I sit on the bench that swings back and forth, with a book in my hand and the gentle breeze drifting through the screens, where I hear my mom going on about what things I still need to do, like… “ Kristine, have you practiced soccer, have you done your homework?” Where I lean back my head and and nod to her.


I’m from the car rides me and my family take twice a year, where at first we are quiet and just drive, then we laugh and talk, and then we argue until we are quiet once more. Where although it doesn’t sound so great, it always gets better at the end of the road and we have a great time at our destination.


I’m from the adventure and thrill of exploring the woods behind my house in my younger days, where my siblings and I used to sneak through the trees looking for interesting objects that we would collect, watching out  every step we took.


I’m from the uncrowded part of the beach, where we set up our little place of chairs and blankets and food, where we run off to the side of the freezing water to throw around the frisbee my brother so much enjoys.  Where my brother says “ Catch” and I always jump up to get it and come back down with it in my hand.

I’m that sleep-loving, bench-swinging, car-riding, adventure-seeker, frisbee-catching girl.


Thats where I’m from.

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11 thoughts on “Kristine, Where Are You From?

  1. Dear Kristine,
    I liked all the detail you added in your poem, especially the part where you say “…the cling of the pots and pans floats up to my room…” I think that this really painted a picture in my mind about the morning for you and the description makes it more interesting to read.
    Great Job!

  2. Dear Kristine
    I like how you went into very high detail. Your life sound pretty good.

  3. Kristine,

    You did a really good job on your poem. I really felt connected to all of the details you were putting in your post. I think that it’s cool that you play soccer because I do too and that is totally something my mom would say. Sometimes I wonder of we will remember those comments when we grow up don’t you?


    1. Dear Mcamacho,

      Thank you for your comment, it was really sweet. I love soccer, it’s my favorite sport. Do you love it too? And about that question, I think we will remember those comments they just won’t be as clear as they are now. Thx again.


  4. Dear Kristine,

    I loved the detail you put in your blog. It explains a lot about your life and gives me an idea of how you are even when i dont know you. I also love how i was immediatley attracted to your work after the first sentence. Great job Kristine!


    1. Dear Vacosta,

      Thank you for the comment, is was so nice. It’s good to know that my writing isn’t bad. I put a lot of effort into this so it’s good to know it paid off. Thx again


  5. Kristine

    This is a beautiful piece of writing. The detail incorporated allows us readers to appreciate the work you put in. Every word you write paints a picture for us readers to see and help us catch a glimpse of the scenes you’ve created for us. I can also relate to the daily activities you speak of that all contribute to our lives.


    1. Dear Dsherrill,

      Thank you for your comment, you are so kind. I love writing so it’s good to hear I’m good at it. What daily activities were you talking about in your comment? The Frisbee and beach part or did you mean the car ride? Thx again so much


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