Maddy, Where Are You From?

Maddy, Where are you from?

Where are you from, Maddy?

I’m from spending hot summer days at the pool, having water gun fights with my cousins, teaching them how to swim, and going on their trampoline. Making castles in the sandbox getting covered with sand, going across the monkey bars and playing dress-up together.


I’m from scaring my mom by doing flips and tricks around the house, yard, and the trampoline, teaching my little cousins how to do cartwheels and handstands.

I’m from playing, hugging, loving, and caring for my cats and fish, sleeping with them and petting them even when they wake me up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning.


I’m from spending days at my grandparents house eating homemade Italian food, making espresso for the adults after a meal, playing wiffle ball in the yard, and going to Micalizzis with my Uncle.

I’m from having sleepovers with friends, staying up all night talking and hysterically laughing at everything we said, because we’re so tired, but not feeling tired until we go home.


I’m from going to big parties with the whole Italian family (or at least the ones who live in CT)  and staying late playing with cousins, having the best time of my life.


I’m from long days at the beach boogie boarding with my brother, swimming in the salty waves swallowing “ half” the ocean, relaxing on a towel, and tanning in the sun.

I’m from drawing, painting, doodling, and sketching alone in my room, drawing whatever  comes into my mind, drifting into an imaginary world.


I’m from screaming when there is a bug in my room, or trying to kill the spiders that seem to never die, no matter how many times you smack them with a boot.


I’m from 4th of July at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, having the whole family to play with in the pool, eating BBQ, and having ice cream sundaes and other deserts while watching fireworks.


I’m from spending a whole day outside making up games with my brother and getting messy with dirt, leaves and water or whatever we find, and going on walks or bike rides admiring nature.

I’m that cousin-spending, Italian food-eating, not-sleeping, family-partying , beach-staying, silent-drawing, gymnastics-teaching, animal-loving, bug-screaming, 4th of July-playing, outside-staying kind of girl.


That’s where I’m from.  


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2 thoughts on “Maddy, Where Are You From?

  1. Maddy,
    I loved how much you described the sleepovers with friends and big parties with your family. I especially enjoyed reading “sketching alone in my room, drawing whatever comes into my mine, drifting into an imaginary world” because I too can relate to that. Whenever I draw, I like to zone out the world and focus on the small lines and details. I really liked your piece!
    Nicole XD

  2. Maddy
    Your poem is very long and has lots of stanzas fill with loads of detail. I liked the the line “getting messy with dirt, leaves and water or whatever we find” in your poem. I love doing that and whenever I’m outside I do the same thing and it is loads of fun.


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