Madigan, Where Are You From?

I’m from the wake up early, boxful of croissants, black coffee scented air and horses groomed with care, show days. Where the sun rises over the rolling mountain tops illuminating the silver drops of dew on the grass as the fog slithers away.

I’m from a different-family, my cheerful, entertained mother, Charlotte, my stubborn, German personality-wise father David, and my loud, annoying goofy sisters, Maye and Malin.


I’m from three acres of land,the two stall, dirt floor, garage barn, six to ten horse property, a horse named Rudy, a life time of four dogs, and a white-striped cat.


I’m from the Coldplay, U2, Today’s Hits radio, and the Grateful Dead, music-filled room. Where the music bounces off the slanted attic walls and funnels down steep, carpeted stairs and through the open door.


I’m from the fun-days, the ski-days, snow-days, hot-summer-days, beach-days, carnival-days, show-days and all of those horse-days.


I’m that show-day, different-family, three-acre-land, music-filled, fun-days girl

That’s where I’m from.

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4 thoughts on “Madigan, Where Are You From?

  1. I loved how you explained your family like your wise German father or your two goofy sisters, but also I loved how you explained waking up every day with a box filled with croissants and how the air is filled with black coffee and I was facinated to hear that u have a horse.

  2. Dear Madigan,

    I enjoyed reading your piece. You had very good details and I could imagine your show day mornings in my head. I liked how you explained about your family in precise detail. Good job!

    -olivia 🙂

  3. Madigan!

    Your piece was so amazing, I could picture everything perfectly, from the “boxful of croissants” to the “silver drops of dew”. Your descriptions go a long way! Just a quick tip, to make the piece even more personal (or any piece) add the names of your pets (unless your pet is a dwarf hamster named Rainbow Imagination…).
    Overall your piece was fantastic! Keep up the good work!


  4. Dear Madigan,
    I loved your poem! You had some pretty descriptive words and most of what you said I can relate too. I can really picture everything you said for the first paragraph about the show days and you where very descriptive in that. Great pictures and overall great job!!
    Anthony Turturino

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