Michael, Where Are You From?

Michael, Where are you from?

Where are you from, Michael?

I’m from the Working Dad, who’s always in his office typing on his computer. The Tall Brother, who’s amazing at basketball. The Artistic Sister, who loves to draw. And The Loving Mother, who always cares for us, even when she’s sick.

I’m from the yellow house on the hill with the wild animals running around outside. With the flowers in front of the porch, and Halloween decorations up all year.

I’m from The Delicious baby back ribs from my grandpa’s home on the water. With the seagulls flying around hawking, probably wishing they could have some of the ribs.

I’m from lake George with the Minne Ha Ha steam boat, Wake boarding with family, And Amazing Food every single night.

I’m from the Sink In recliner by the fireplace on Christmas Morning while opening presents. with all the kids fighting to get to it first, then trying to share it between four people.

I’m that Family-loving, Yellow house-living, Delicious rib-eating, Lake George-going, Recliner-sitting kid.

That’s where i’m from.

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2 thoughts on “Michael, Where Are You From?

  1. Michael,
    I really liked how you explained every detail in every stanza.
    It was interesting to learn that your sister loves to draw, and it was great how you added the baby back ribs stanza, and said that he lives on the water. One thing you might want to add is your siblings names. All in all this poem was great

    Issabella Merrill

  2. Michael,
    I loved reading your poem! My favorite part was the first paragraph where you described your family, giving each person a name to fit their personality. Not only did this give me a sense of what your family is like, but it also shows what you think the most important thing about each person is by what you chose to call them.

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