Nicholas, Where are you From

I’m from long lazy hot summer days, in great high green grass. When I go to the park at my grandmas house and get ice cream with my sister and trying to the eat the ice cream as fast as we can so it does not drip and get on our clothes.

I’m from taking a long trip to Fenway Park and Metlife Stadium with my family on a nice long weekend, and saying how happy I am that I get to come home knowing that I just went to a game and that I don’t have to go to sleep early because it is not a school night, and remembering screaming “touchdown” whenever the Jets scored.

I’m from playing madden 16 on Xbox 360 with my neighbor Anthony Johnson all day. Then taking a small and very short break for lunch, so I could make my famous and delicious provolone cheese sandwich and eating with my mom and sister.

I’m from going to friend’s house all day and never wanting to leave. I’m from coming home from soccer all sweaty and shouting “I’m taking a shower” to my whole family, then regretting how I did not eat dinner before my 30 minute shower.

I’m from playing soccer, basketball with friends and taking trips to Wildwood New Jersey, also to New Orleans, Louisiana with my good family friends the Lenharts. Also going to Mariner’s arcade on the boardwalk and winning lot’s of tickets with my dad, 219,000 tickets to be exact.

I’m that Metlife and Fenway going, lazy Xbox going kid. I’m that Wildwood New Jersey and New Orleans Louisiana going and provolone cheese sandwich making kid.

That’s where I’m from

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2 thoughts on “Nicholas, Where are you From

  1. Good Job Nick, I really liked reading your poem especially the part of going to sports stadiums and yelling your head off when your team scores. I could also pictures you coming home and yelling to your whole family,”I’m taking a shower” and having a 30 minute shower that to me is completely worth it. Good Work Nick.

    James Burris

  2. Well done Nick,

    I like the part when you talked about going to a Jets game and loving to yell “Touchdown” whenever they scored and then coming home and knowing that you don’t have to go to bed early because it’s not a school night. I also like when you talked about having a 30 minute shower because if I had the time to do that I would always take 30 minute showers as well.

    Nice job,

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