Parker, Where Are Your From?

Parker, Where Are You From?

Where Are You From, Parker?

I’m from a dream to be in the NBA. The dream that helps me practice and to continue through bad games. Or when I get down on myself  I think back about how I just need to keep trying my hardest to succeed the more challenging goal. I know deep down that I can never give up no matter what. The dream that helps me get better.

I’m from playing basketball all throughout the year. Spring, summer, fall, winter I’m always playing. One league to help get to know the competition and more challenging teams and the other to prove I’m worthy of playing. Making myself and the people around me like my teammates and family even prouder of me. Which makes me even better than before.

I’m from the amount of happiness and pleasure I obtain from my adorable, energetic, and playful golden retriever, “Hope.” And my bat-eared, wrinkled-faced Jindo, German shepherd mix named “Lilo”. “These are the best dogs ever!” I say almost every day. Whether it’s a school day or not whatever activity that I come back from I’m always so excited to see them. I’m from my blue-ish gray house in a secured area in Easton. In the middle of a busy street which makes it secure. Every night or when I’m alone I know that I am safe. For eight years and all the memories I’ve had in this house and neighborhood has definitely helped shaped my life.

I’m from my first making of mac and cheese to result in my loving of food and liking of cooking. Throughout the summer I’ve learned to make many meals for myself which will help me in the future. I feel a lot more responsible knowing I can take care of myself. At first I thought this wasn’t going to be as enjoyable because of how impatient I am but thinking about how good it will taste makes it all the better.

I’m that NBA-dreaming, basketball-playing, dog-loving, blue gray house-living, food-eating, cook liking, caring guy.

That’s where I’m from.

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