Phily, Where Are You From

                                                                                           Phily, Where Are You From?


Phily, where are you from

Where are you from, Phily

I’m from starting each day with a french vanilla extra extra coffee in my hands with a skateboard under my feet in the dim light of the morning.


                                                                      I’m from a place where people surf and watch the sunset drop down to nothing but an empty dark sky


I’m from eating ice cream and walking down the beach with friends that seem like family

I’m from a place where people wear backward hats and randoms treat each other like family


I’m from a place where almost everybody plays sports and lifts weights

I’m that  coffee-drinking, skateboard-riding, icecream-eating, sports-playing, weight-lifting, backwards hat-wearing guy.

Thats where I’m from-

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4 thoughts on “Phily, Where Are You From

  1. Phily, I really like the description of the coffee and hows the skateboard is under you feet. I thought this was great description in that setences.

  2. Phily,
    Your pictures were really nice to look at. They gave an accurate description of the given stanza. I especially liked stanza one where you said “… skateboard under my feet in the dim light of the morning.” That was really good description. I would have liked you to go one step farther by describing what you see as you skateboard in the morning. Who are you with? I think you did a quality job.
    Luke Wergeles

  3. Phily,

    I liked how you described where your from and your pictures were really good. They were interesting to look at. I liked the part about how you like to have the skateboard under your feet.

    Good work,

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