Robbie, Where Are You From?

I`m from the fresh cut grass diving and playing like we are in the army in some far off country. “What are you fighting Robbie?” would be my Moms constant question while she would be calling me in to eat.


I’m from throwing a football and running from my Dad as he tries to catch me and lift me up. I would always struggle to get away but would never make it far. But I would always jump out of his arms so I can get further than I did before.

I’m from the dark mysterious woods behind my house. Climbing up and down trees with my sisters until we are called in for dinner. Then trying to find the fastest way back to the big stone wall behind my pool then timing how fast I could get up it. All while my sisters run up the road to try to beat me home.


I’m from a weekly race with my sisters up and down the street twice on our bikes. I would always have to walk up the hill because my legs weren’t strong enough to get my bike and myself over it. It was always the highlight of my week even though I knew my sisters let me win.


I’m from a daily afternoon run with my chihuahua ,Tanner, and my border collie lab mix ,Lilly. Once we got on the grass I would be mobbed by the two of them licking and jumping on me. But I would always be too tired to keep on playing.


I’m from a trip to Yankee stadium and losing my voice the next day because I chanted “Lets go Yankees” too much at the game the day before. Yet every time I knew it was worth it to watch the greatest team ever play.

I’m that army-playing, football-throwing, woods-exploring, bike-racing, dog-running, yankees-chanting kid. Thats where I’m from.

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