Robbie, Where Are You From?

Im from a family full of goofballs, younger sister Emily, older sister Abigail, and a loving mom Lynn.



I’m from a house in the woods where you could hear the water flowing down the stream.



Im from a house in the woods where my saturday night are lost by my computer and me losing track of time.


Im from a golden retriever chasing bunnies and torturing my cat, but still get lots of love

Im from the friends who live in different states but manage to make me laugh so hard i fall out of my chair.


Im that goofball – family, water – flowing, time – losing, dog – loving, chair 0 falling guy.


That’s where i’m from.


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4 thoughts on “Robbie, Where Are You From?

  1. Robbie,
    I like your piece, and thank you for sharing it. I like the line about you coming from a house in the woods where you can hear the stream. It’s a good line because it’s one that you can build upon as a writer. Think to yourself: what additional information could I add to help the reader picture that stream a little more but also get a better sense of the type of person I am? For example, do you ever go down to that steam? When? What do you see up close? Is there a special spot you like to sit? If so, add those details. I think if you begin to add that extra layer to your writing, you’ll see your writing begin to take off.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Robbie,
    I liked you poem it gave me a lot of information about who you are as a person and what your family is like i especially like the part in your poem about your dog and how he chases bunnies and tortures your cat but next time i suggest that you add more to it though like whats your dogs name? When do you like to play with your dog? Why does he torture your cat? but overall i really liked your piece and hope you take my comment as constructive.
    -Ryan Hanock

  3. Robbie,
    I really liked the multiple times you included the descriptions about where your house is located. It helped me get a good clue about what your house looks like to help me try to experience what you do on your day to day schedule, even though I’ve been the a lot of times. Although, I do agree with Mr. Jockers and Ryan H. that you should include your dogs names and more detail on who tortures your cat even though again I know your dogs name. Overall I really enjoyed your poem .
    -Parker Barnett

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