Ryan, Where Are You From?

I’m from the frigid hockey rink, where the ice sets in the winter. The benches packed with fans screaming, “LET’S GO RYAN!”. Those close games that would not be predicted until the last minute, always the most exciting.

I’m from the beach house, and the smell of ocean breeze to wake you up. Finding crabs at low tide, and tubing through the marsh. My grandma would always fall out of her tube, into the thick black mud.


I’m from the dining table, that taught me my manners and respect. I have respect for the fact that I have food on the table, three times a day, every day.


I’m from the sound of roosters crowing in the morning. They never fail to wake you up after eight A.M. Also the smell of manure, just down the road.


I’m from the cool water, down at the lake, where I spend my time in the summer, wakeboarding and tubing with friends. We would always sink the tube by leaning toward the front. Twice a year they let the dam out so that people can build sea walls, but I was always the one walking out to the sand bar.  


I’m that hockey-playing, low tide-fishing, respect-giving, rooster-listening, fun-wakeboarding kid.


That’s where I’m from.


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3 thoughts on “Ryan, Where Are You From?

  1. Ryan, I liked how you included details such as the “LET’S GO RYAN!” chant, it helps include more detail on your close/intense hockey games. I also liked how you included past memories, like when you said your grandma always fell out of the tube in the marsh, and how twice a year the dam was let out but you always went to the sandbar, it makes me learn more about your past experiences and how they change you.

  2. Ryan,
    I really liked your poem and it seams that you like the same things I like, like fishing and hockey(although I can’t be with you with the ranger, GO BRUINS!!!) Where is the lake you go to and is that a picture of it?
    Jake Fones

  3. Ryan i really liked how you included the smallest details like “LETS GO RYAN” it really made your poem unique from most others. Your poem really made me picture in early mornings that the roosters across my street always wake me up.


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