Sara, Where Are You From?

Sara , where are you from, 

Where are you from, Sara

I’m from chasing old family friends around the jersey shore beaches until we collapse onto the hot sand and burst out laughing, sand clinging onto our saltwater covered bodies. Then, taking a long bike ride down the boardwalk hearing “watch the tram car please” every few minutes, and stopping to retrieve a sample of chocolate fudge, ending the day relaxing on the beach as the waves crash and the sun sets.

I’m from tossing a frisbee across the yard, watching my small black and white dog sprint after it, then leaping in the opposite direction as I try to release the grip of her strong teeth pierced into the round plastic disc. Then, jumping on me and nipping at my hand implying that she wants me to throw it again. Soon later, the little dog spotting a bird off in the distance and running into the quiet streets as my family and I yell “Oreo! Come back! Come back!”

I’m from bouncing around on the trampoline with my sisters and cousins having competitions to see who can jump the highest, then yelling at our parents telling them to join us so we can steal their bounce and reach the tree hanging above. Then, laughing and playing games until the sky fades to darkness and it’s time for bed.

I’m from hearing the screams of people as the rip cord drops many times every year at the Easton carnival, urging my friends to ride it with me, then returning home with them after long night and watching a movie while telling secrets and giggling all night.

I’m from weekends in Mystic with my family and close friends, going to the seaport and exploring the variety of interesting sea creatures at the aquarium.

I’m that jersey shore beach-loving, dog-playing, trampoline-jumping, rip cord-riding, Mystic-going girl.

That’s where I’m from.

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2 thoughts on “Sara, Where Are You From?

  1. Sara,
    I loved you poem. I really liked you description about the Jershey shore. I know how much you enjoy it and you can tell from your writing

    1. Sara,

      I really liked you poem, it was filled with detail. I liked how you used bigger and more interesting words, for example when you said “sky fades to darkness” instead of “it gets dark out.” I wish you had included more about Mystic, because it is super fun! I also liked your stanza about you playing frisbee with Oreo.

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