Sophia, Where Are You From?

I’m from mismatched kitchen table chairs and hardwood floors spotted with plastic toys where a boy with sunlight colored hair and an everlasting smile greets me.

I’m from late night jam sessions on the old acoustic guitar where we belt out off pitched lyrics to the crickets and dance beneath the New England stars.

I’m from coffee stained books with broken backs and yellowing, dog-eared pages where I’ve been a thousand people and lived a thousand lives.

I’m from laughing at my own jokes and dancing to my own beat and belting out the lyrics even if they are off pitched.

I’m from watching the stars even if from afar and tracing constellations on freckled painted faces as we drive until the sun kisses the horizon.

I’m that mismatched kitchen chair-owning, late night-jamming, coffee stained book-reading, offbeat-dancing, constellation-tracing girl.

That’s where I’m from.

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5 thoughts on “Sophia, Where Are You From?

  1. Sophia,
    I loved your poem! I really liked that you mentioned the mismatched chairs at your dinner table. I think that you could of been a little more descriptive with the chairs like, telling us why there mismatched or something 🙂 .
    Hanna :p

  2. Sophia,
    I really liked all of the description in your poem. I could picture everything in my head and I especially liked how you went into specific details like “mismatched kitchen table chairs,” and “coffee stained books.”


  3. Hey Sophia!

    I loved your piece but i especially loved the part where you gave the description of your family dining table. that really gave your piece personality and originality. i also love the description of G’s hair. That was so cute.

    Melissa C.

  4. Sophia,
    My favorite stanza was your first stanza because I really liked how I could see how your greeted. The ‘everlasting smile” gave an overwhelimgin sense of happiness.

  5. Dear Sophia,
    I didn’t want to stop reading your poem once I started, it was so thought through and so descriptive. You nailed all of the little details and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece. The part about the old fading books was very relatable to me since I am also quite a fan of engulfing my face in a good story. This was such a great poem and I loved reading it.

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