Tabitha, Where Are You From?

I’m from a hardworking father and mother which resulted in a huge, loud yet loving family. Who are crazy but always fun especially during their,”No music dun dun dadun dun” chants, to get you to dance. But that that also includes an annoyingly weird brother… who isn’t THAT bad 15 percent of the time.


I’m from a yellow house in a small town, with a red-leaved bush (that’s basically a really short tree) in front of it; where I spend a lot of time doing things I love, surrounded by the people I love. And where the best macaroni and cheese is made by my mom, a recipe passed down from my Manman, which is widely used and loved in my family.


I’m from the weekends when we go down to Stamford to visit my grandparents, and make our weekly (for the most part) stop at the one and only… Stew Leonard’s. Where I live to snapchat my friends and make them jealous that I get to watch talking animal machines, while they’re at home and jokingly send me videos of them saying, “Get me some pistachio ice cream!”

I’m from having no pets in my life, except fish… because, “no one will be home to take care of it,” “Hamsters are rodents, and I will not have one in my house,” (with the exception of our class pet from my brother and mines old school…) Though I begged and continue to beg my parents for a dog. And continuing to be a dog lover from afar.


I’m from the weirdest friends on planet earth, but the best. They are why our table is able to make squad goals In Real Life possible and they also blurt out the randomest, funniest, most relatable (but still weird) things.

Screenshot 2015-09-15 at 11.05.28 AM

I’m that family-loving, dog-wanting, squad-goaling, grandparent-visiting, macaroni & cheese-eating chick.


That’s where I’m from.


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2 thoughts on “Tabitha, Where Are You From?

  1. Dear Tabitha,
    I like how you added pictures because they really gave great examples of whatever you were talking about. For example, I liked how you added the picture of your “squad” because it showed what you meant when you said “squad goals in real life”. I also liked how you added detail about what you actually do at places, like how you “live to snap chat your friends and make them jealous” this really shows you personality without saying much. Great job!

  2. Dear Tabitha,

    I enjoyed reading your essay , it is very descriptive and gives me a good look into your life. I love your pictures, the rules for Stew Lenard with the cow, where did you get that picture, it is so funny. I also loved the squad pic although I don’t look that good in it. ): I love how you talk about what your house is like and how you have the best Macaroni and cheese. But I can not get over the line, weird friends, I don’t think that’s very true. Also one last thing Stew Lenard’s pistachio ice cream is really good, i get it all the time with my family, love it!
    -Kristine Jones

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