Victoria, Where are you from?


Victoria, where are from? Where are you from Victoria?

I’m from yearly-visiting the crystal clear water so I can see the bottom of the ocean with no garbage floating in the water in the cape where I gobble down fantastic sea food like no other with my family and cousins. I wait for my cousin the chef to cook delicious cape cod food every other night.


 I’m from driving-up to visit my cousin’s monthly, that travel all around the world because of a father in the military. Currently they are in New York. With the family dogs, Toby and Copper, their cute 3 year old son, Jimmy, and the adorable 1 year old baby girl Avery, I love it each time I visit.


I’m from constantly-reading and re-reading amazing, inspiring, life changing novels that ar unique, different, and special in their own way.


I’m from artistically- drawing and painting new creative, special paintings and drawings in my free time.


I’m from kindly-helping others. I am a creative, smart,quiet, passion person. I persevere to be my best, and never quit.I am a  girl that loves her Mother and Father. Lucky to have , care for ,and to love my pets Murphy (Dog), and Bumble and Charlie (Guinea Pigs).

I’m from yearly-visiting the cape, driving-up to upstate New York, constantly- reading and re-reading novels, artistically- drawing, and kindly-helping others.

That’s where I’m from.

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