Will, Where Are You From?

I’m from rushing to get up for school in the early dawn hours and catch the bus to school. “Will, the bus will be here any minute,” my parents screamed to me. Sitting on the porch half asleep waiting for the school bus to get to my house.

I’m from going to Country Pizza with my family, fighting over the bread. “I want that one,” my sister Emily yelling at me. Laughing and eating at the same time. Until, the war begins between my sisters and I.


I’m from anxiously waiting for my mom and dad to get home from work to hop in the pool and grill burgers behind the bar. Finley jumping in the pool and my mom flipping out and my dad trying to get him out of the pool.


I’m from hustling to get ready for football practice, hitting people left and right, running plays with the receivers, snapping the ball to Brett and Brad yelling at our mistakes. Sweat rushing down my body, then getting home to delicious dinner my mom made for the family.

I’m from playing outside with my sisters, mom and dad and Finley, throwing a football, frisbee, shooting faders from the 3 point line, play fetch with Finley and throwing the lacrosse ball around.


I’m from staying up late watching action movies, superhero movies, Mission Impossible, and James Bond movies with my dad, while my mom and sisters are sound asleep.


I’m that sleep-in, pizza night with family-eaten, burger-eaten, football-practicing,  playing-outside, and late night movie-watching guy.


That’s where I’m from.


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