Zoe, Where Are You From?

I’m from​ ​the trail running, root jumping, stream crossing, heart pounding, sweat that runs down  

my face as I try to keep up with my father’s pace on our latest 5k. “Go Zoe Go… Straight to the  

finish line” he yelled and I as I feel his encouragement.  



I’m from​ ​the dive into the water as my mind clears as all I hear is the sound of cheering as I  

come up for a breath of air. As all eyes are upon me I feel isolated within my own thoughts. As I  

reach for the final touch of the wall, the world returns back to the day where I compete at the  

Connecticut State Championships.  


I’m from​ ​the long walks on the crowded beach of Cape Cod where the sizzling sand gets stuck  

between our toes and where me and my brother can go boogie boarding in the white capped  

ocean waves for hours.  


I’m from​​ the commercial jet airplane that takes my family and me on new adventures to distant  

glaciers, to climb the Eiffel Tower and to eat my great grandmother’s family mac and cheese  

always baked in the yellow Pyrex farm bowl.  


I’m from​​ bonfires late at night surrounded by life long friends, telling jokes.


I’m that trail-running, swimming-freek, beach-walker, flying-airplane, and plush-bear.

That’s where I’m from.

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3 thoughts on “Zoe, Where Are You From?

  1. Dear Zoe,

    I really enjoyed reading your Where I’m From Poem. I liked the whole poem but my favorite part was when you talked about you running at the 5k race. You put in detail about how your heart was pounding as sweat ran down your face. I also liked how you put in detail about your father encourgement. It was a really good peice and I enjoyed reading it.


  2. Dear, Zoey

    I really liked reading this piece, I liked how you derscribed the airplane trips you take and that great described of running that marathon. I loved how you talked about the beaches you go to, and me and my cousions love to go boogie boarding together it’s a lot of fun.

    -Kristine Jones

  3. Dear Zoe

    My favorite part was when you talked about the sizzling sand getting stuck in between you toes, that reminds me of when I go to the beach! Also I loved when you talked about when you were swimming, and when everyone’s eyes were on you, it seemed so real! I loved you piece and you gave so much detail!

    -Caroline Teed

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