Brendan Where Are You From?

I’m from going every other weekend to New Hampshire and spending time with my dad on the lake and trying to catch fish but the 6 mile long lake has


I’m from making a trip every year to the Nascar race in Loudon New Hampshire l pray that Joey Logano doesn’t win and I hope he loses. “Joey Logano has won the race.” Said the announcer and all of the girls scream. And I hope there  is a crash or a  fight this is the crash the Dale Earnhardt died in. 


I’m from every day going home working on cars or riding the dirt bike while listen to my Spotify mixtape  what ever until the dark and then doing homework of course

I’m from hanging out with my friends over the summer and then going to Jakes house and breaking his quad many times or going to Robbie’s and cracking my head open.


Im from every year watching the New Hampshire fireworks which are a lot better than Ct’s because in Ct they are all illegal and in Nh you can buy 1-6 mortar which are really loud. This is a picture taken on the 

I’m from weekend-fishing, Nascar-going, dirtbike-riding and fire works watching. Thats where I come from.

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5 thoughts on “Brendan Where Are You From?

  1. Brendan, I like the description of when you say you listen to the mix tape, also how you explained how Logano is trash and Kyle Busch is a great driver.

  2. Brendan,

    I like how you included the part about how you didn’t want Logano to win. It was interesting and fun to read to the end. I could really see the lake house in my mind and it was good how yo described it.


  3. Brendan,
    I love how you included details of what you did over the summer and specifically going to certain places. The part about the Nascar and that you included some quotes.
    -Ryan Lauter

  4. Dear Brendan,
    I really liked how detailed you were about the event like how you would tell your opinion like in the nascar with your quotes to ride bike with jake and Robbie

  5. Brendan,
    I really liked your telling it explains alot about your life and who you are.
    I really liked the part when u talked about nascar because I like to watch it too.

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