Constantine, Where Are You From?

Constantine, Where Are You From?


I’m from the hardworking mother and father, and their parents, my grandparents, who took moments out of their own lives to aid me in creating my own special experiences, which is something that takes a lot to dedicate yourself to doing


I’m from moving to three different houses by the time I started Kindergarten, from the first house I remember living in to the house that I have absolutely no memory of living in and the house that i continue to live in to this day

I’m from Wednesday nights at home, where anyone in the house is either sleeping or in a rom on the other end of the building, where there is barely any sound at all besides whatever might decide to be outside my window. It’s often the solitude I need to get me through the next day

I’m from books, lots and lots of books, with my desk light on as I struggle to find a comfortable position to sit in, and sometimes if I really like that book, I’ll be able to finish it in one day, and at times I’ll read at a slow pace if the book is really long, but the ultimate climax at the end is always worth it

I’m from all the different friends I had, some who only became friends after working on a global warming project with me, and from the friends who I lost, either it was because getting put in different classes or not getting along

I’m from that hard-working, packing up and moving, solitude on Wednesdays, large-book reading, friend-making and losing boy

Thats where I’m From

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5 thoughts on “Constantine, Where Are You From?

  1. Constantine I really liked all of the description that you put into your paragraphs especially the one about wednesday nightsand how nobody is really home because that happens to me a lot on wednesday nights becUse sometimes my parents have to stay for meetings at work. There is really not that many things that you have to work on except you should maybe talk about other things that you like or dislike, because they would be interesting, and i think there just should have been more information about things that you did. Overall i think it was very great, amd there is not much that you should work on. I could really relate to those wednesday nights.

  2. I liked how you added in some parts about your family and how they aid you in creating your own special experiences. This made it seem very personal.

  3. Constantine
    I thought you went into great detail about your life, and I was really able to see some times in your life. I thought the humorous picture was very funny and creative. One thing I might include for next time is a quote or a first person event when it takes place. Over all I loved reading your post, an thought is was very creative.

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