George, Where Are You From?

I’m from big family reunions, held all over.Where I see my family members and we get to to talk and discuss what has happened recently. Where I get to play with my cousins and hang out most all of the time.


I’m from going to the movie theater with my brothers to watch whatever new movie is out. We eat popcorn and drink water and soda as we laugh at jokes and watch great moments.


I’m from the big white house with multiple rooms with a bedroom for all of my brothers and me. It finally concluded construction after 365 days.

I’m from swimming and heading out on the boat around the island. thrusting fish from deep within the blue up to the surface through the ocean.

I’m from sleeping in to 10:00 on weekends sometimes and then eat a breakfast that i could have had 120  minutes ago. Or how I will wake up at 6 :30 on weekends and sitting thinking what i should do after breakfast.

I’m that large family reunion, movie going, liver in the big house,boating and swimming, sleeping in person. That’s who I am.

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3 thoughts on “George, Where Are You From?

  1. George,
    My favorite part of your poem was where you explained when you woke up each morning on the weekend and what you did. One thing I would add is some more detail and also the pictures wouldn’t load for me. Over all nice job.


  2. George,
    i really like how you described watching movies with your family and how you included specific details in the construction of your house.

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