Harrison, Where Are You From?

I’m from the gray ranch house at the end of the dead-end with the basketball hoop and the swing set that the whole neighborhood used to hang out in. The kind where we would all bring our favorite snack and we would all eat them while talking about that type of games we liked to play.

I’m from a technology based home, the kind with a TV and a computer in every room. I grew up with technology engulfing me.

I’m from Disney World with my family, going on rides and swimming in the pools. Taking pictures with the characters. Watching the fireworks in awe, wondering where they are launching from.

I’m from watching baseball games at Citi field, cheering on the players, trying to catch a foul ball or a home run. Hoping they would toss you a ball on their way into the dugout.

I’m from movie watching with my family at the theaters, sitting on the edge of your seat not knowing the shock the next scene will bring you. All of us trying to predict the ending, for some reason trying to act as if you already know what’s going to happen.

I’m that gray ranch-living, basketball-playing, technology-loving, Disney World-going, baseball-watching and cheering, movie-loving type of kid.

That’s where I’m from.

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7 thoughts on “Harrison, Where Are You From?

  1. Harrison,
    I liked how you really described your house so that I could picture it in my mind. I also enjoyed reading your poem because I do the same thing as you do when i watch movies.

  2. Harrison,

    I like how you describe your house. I also like how you described you trips to citi field being short yet effective. It also seems that you enjoy going to Disney World.

  3. Harrison,
    I thought you put a lot of detail into your poem, especially when you were talking about your street and your neighborhood. Doing that really helped us visualize what you were talking about in your paragraphs. My only piece of advice would be to try to expand more on your technology based home, if you could.

  4. Harrison,
    I really liked how you mentioned what you like and how you grow up with it and it influence you. From trips to disney to catching a movie.

  5. Harrison,
    You put a lot of good detail into you’re writing. I liked the detail you put in especially when you said “I’m from the gray ranch house,” I really imagine it and it seems really nice.
    Erin Sheehan

  6. Harrison,
    I liked how you described your house!! I could really picture it it my mind. I also liked how you used the phrase “technology based house it made me want to read on! One thing that you may want to add is whT kind of games did you and your friends talk about on the basket ball court.


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