Julio, Where Are You From

I’m from a family that is caring, that provides food on the table and a roof over my head. But most importantly they provide unconditional love. Plus they always have time for and little fun here and there.


I’m from a place in the south next to Chile, where the summers are long and hot and the winters are short and humid. Where the ocean never goes under 70 and 2 people await my arrival every Christmas.



I’m from taking my dog Fred on long walks down our secret path that only my family knows. Listening to him bark “Roof Roof”as I pick up the leash and open the sliding door sprinting ahead then waiting for me to attach the leash. After he grabs it in his mouth and guide me.


I’m from going to a Yankees games with my dad every year, always sitting in the same spot (behind home plate). Shoving hot dogs and draining it down with Coke, and if I get lucky I meet one the of the players hoping to get a autograph.



I’m from taking five hour trips up to Vermont with family, meeting annual friends that have known each other since we were three. Having barbecues and playing manhunt as we do every year until the sun peeks over the mountains.


I’m from playing soccer from morning till dawn, then going over to Goal Sports getting greeted by all my friends. We play until we can’t even kick the ball anymore and then wait until the next evening to do it all over again.


I’m that Yankees-watching, Vermont-loving, soccer-playing,Peru-visiting, dog walking, family-loving kid.   


That’s where I’m from.


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5 thoughts on “Julio, Where Are You From

  1. Julio, I really liked the description that you left on Peru because I could really picture the place in Peru where you stay when you go there. I could never imagine a hot winter but now I can. One thing you can work on is putting more description in some of your other paragraphs.

  2. Julio, I liked how you described Fred before taking him for a walk. I could see him sprinting ahead and taking the leash in his mouth. You did a good job describing your family. That is always important.
    Sincerely, Sean Eustace

  3. Julio,

    I really liked the lines you put into your peom. You gave a description with every idea to back it up. I liked the line about Yankee stadium. Nice job!

    – Michael Farnen

  4. Julio,
    I really like all the details that you put into your poem i liked it a lot from the yankee games with dad to the soccer games. Nice job

  5. Dear Julio,
    Very good job on the poem. My favorite part was when you described going to Yankee Stadium with your dad. I liked the authors craft you used in that stanza. It’s tough to do in a piece of writing like this, and it shows your skills when you can pull it off.

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