Raymond, where are you from?

Raymond, where are you from?


I’m from a huge yellow house with a huge backyard and huge blue pond


I’m from a tiny neighborhood in a tiny town in a tiny state.


I’m from a place where the trees are so high,

you can’t see the sunrise and sunset.

I’m from a place where you get to lick the cookie dough off the spoon in December,

and sell lots of lemonade in June.


I’m from a place you can go hiking in the forest in March,

and pick apples in September.


I’m that cookie dough-licking, lemonade-selling,

forest-hiking, apple-picking boy


That’s where I’m from.

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18 thoughts on “Raymond, where are you from?

  1. Raymond,
    I liked how you described Easton as a tiny town and that you live in a tiny neighborhood, that is good description, also how you added that the trees are so tall that you can’t see the sunset, that is also true!

  2. Raymond,

    I really liked your writing. It didn’t have many words but you got your point across very well. The pictures fit the writing very good too. Every picture matched each stanza and it was very well done. You could have been a little more describtive but it was very good.


  3. Hey Ray,

    I like how you added details for what you do each month like selling lemonade in June. I like the pictures that you added as well.


  4. Raymond,

    I liked the lines and pictures you added to your poem. You were descripitve and gave examples of things you enjoy.

    – Michael Farnen

  5. Raymond,

    I really enjoyed your poem, I liked how you described the different months and what you do in each month! I also like the visuals that you have shown. I especially liked the stanza about apple picking because I can relate because I go apple picking every year.


  6. I liked the ending where you said you were the cookie-licking…boy. In the beginning, I would have liked to see more synonyms for the word huge instead of the repetition of that word. Also, this felt a little short. I bet there is so much more to you…Isn’t the original poem longer?

  7. I liked your poem a lot, the pictures went very well with each line. You were also very creative describing each thing you did in a certain month. Even thought it was not very long i felt you got all your points through.

  8. Dear Raymond,

    You did a good job on this post. I liked it because you described lots of things about the place where you live. I bet it looks nice in Connecticut. I think it would have been better if you added your family and described things about them.



  9. Raymond,

    I thought that it was interesting how you talked about all the things you could do at different times of the year and what happens regularly, like not being able to see the sunrise and sunset. It must be cool living in such a place where you have tons of nature near you! Out of all of these things, what do you like to do the most?

    -A High http://www.flags8.org

  10. Raymond ,

    I reall like how you used pictures and activities to represent where you live and the things you do in your environment . You are really lucky because you have a lot of nature surrounding you . I can relate to this because I also like to do outdoor activities in nature .

    – Mpelayo


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