Ryan, Where Are You From?

Im from the neighborhood kids playing football in the street screaming, yelling and playing til we cant play anymore. The intense competition makes it so much better.


Im from waking up to the amazing smell of pancakes my grandma makes for me every morning because she has to feed me until i feel like exploding from eating too much. My grandma always loves to make me food for breakfast and a lot of times she’s at my house in the morning.


Im from walking to school every morning with my neighbor david and having funny arguments usually about why we’re going to be late for school, it’s great to have a good time with a friend and neighbor every day before the dread of walking into school.


Im from the wonderful dinners my mom makes for me everyday after football practice, the meals she makes always look so good, they make my mouth water and belly rumble every time i look at them.


Im from being in the basement with my family watching a movie every friday to see the movie in front of us that we always get so into and are just dieing to see what happens next.

Im that football playing, pancake loving, school walking, dinner eating, movie watching kid.

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5 thoughts on “Ryan, Where Are You From?

  1. Ryan,
    I liked how you include several specific moments such as playing football in the street will people screaming and yelling, the amazing smell of your Grandma´s pancakes, and walking to school with David, who makes going to school less dreadful, just to name a few. I think these moments are important because I can relate to the dread of going to school, and the excitement of playing sports with friends also, which is a lot of fun. I would suggest adding a specific example of you and David walking to school, or something such as a description of the blacktop, and people can picture that visual, which makes your writing better.

  2. I like how you added the part with your grandma making you breakfest it makes rhe reader all worm and fuzzy inside.

  3. Ryan,
    Really great writing Ryan, I really enjoyed when you were talking about how your grandmother makes pancakes for you every morning. That’s a nice thought even though my mom or grandmother don’t make me pancakes… It made me imagine it and made my mouth water. Really great descriptions Ryan.
    Erin Sheehan

  4. Ryan,
    I really liked how you explained your life and touched all of your writing islands
    I enjoyed the part where u talked about basketball because i like to play basketball.

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