Ryan’s Letter Essay #3: “Battle of the Ampere”

I have just finished reading, Battle of the Ampere, the third book in the series of Michael Vey. It is 309 pages in total, and would be categorized as fantasy fiction, with lots of action. Written by, Richard Paul Evans, New York Times best selling author, this book has gotten into the minds of millions of people. The book before this is called, Rise of the Elgen, and the fourth book in the series is called, Hunt For Jade Dragon.

I started this series about two years ago, and did read the third book. When I tried to pick the series back up, I just couldn’t follow what was going on. After the first ten pages, I returned the fourth book, and re-read the third. In the year that I wasn’t reading this series i must have forgotten how good it was, because when I picked up, Battle of the Ampere, I couldn’t stop reading. That’s when I promised myself that I would finish the series before anything else.

In the novel, Michael very is electric, and he is able to shoot electricity, to the extent where it can kill someone. He is being hunted down by a company named the elgen, but he is not alone. He has met up with six of his other electric allies, and together he has just escaped and destroyed a million dollar Elgen powerplant. This put the Elgen on high alert, and decided to team up with the Peruvian Army. When Michael and his friends were captured by an Elgen resistance, they were given a new task which was sinking one of the Elgen’s main yachts, The Ampere. Michael and his team come up with a plan to blow the ship up, and get off in time, but they get stopped in their tracks. After they are cornered, they threaten to commit a suicide mission, and blow the boat while they are still on it. When the Elgen guards close in, they were just about ready to blow the ship, when the ship next to them was attacked. Then they saw their friend Zeus, who can shoot lightning bolts, sinking another one of the Elgen ships next to them. This was their perfect chance to escape, so they climbed down a rope, and were taken out to sea by another resistance boat. The mission was a success, and they also sunk another defense ship of the Elgen’s, which was a bonus.

In the book, Michael also said, “All that’s required for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” I believe this means that if there is evil out there, and good people are not doing anything about it, then the evil are succeeding.  

I was surprised at the part in the end of the book, when Michael and his friends were about to commit suicide by blowing up the Elgen super yacht. First of all, this is not like Michael to just give up and forget the battle. The hard work and lives he had risked to get to this point. Second, at the moment before they were about to blow the bomb, they heard another explosion, which was the sound of their friends, who had betrayed them, coming back to save them. If Zeus had not blown up the ship next to the Ampere, the electric kids would not be alive. Then the electrics fought their way out of the ship, and climbed down a rope to escape the ship. This was just in time before the ship blew to pieces.

I liked the way the author created suspense throughout the book. This was one of the most exciting books I have ever read, and in my opinion, there are no dull moments. This book also reminded me of sort of a sci-fiction kind of theme, where people have special powers, and they are fighting off their enemies.

This book is very special to me because it brought me back into the series. If this book were boring of any sort, I probably would not continue. Much of the book is action packed, and like I said, there are no dull moments. I am very glad I re-read it, and rate the, Battle of the Ampere, a 10 out of 10. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.



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