Bobby’s Letter Essay #3: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Old School

I have just finished the book Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Old School the 10th book in the Wimpy Kid series. This 217 page book is written by Jeff Kinney. Jeff Kinney is a graduate of Maryland University and is a winner of countless child book awards. Kinney also has sold 150 million copies of his Wimpy Kid books. There are 51 one different editions of the book, in 45 different languages. I choose this book because I always read his books since I was very young and I just want to read the book because it seemed very good.

The book starts with his Mom wanting to “Unplug” which is a new thing to not use any electronics for a couple days. She always go back to how the good old days used to be. Greg the main character thinks that is the stupidest idea. Then Greg’s grandpa starts living with him and his family because the rent in the Retirement place are getting to high. Greg and his Dad get very stressed with his grandpa because if they turn his back he will break something. Then Greg gets a letter from his school for the field trip to Hardscrabble Farms (Basically a Nature’s Classroom). Rodrick his crazy older warns him of a man named Silas Scratch, but doesn’t even think about listening to his brother. Then one day Greg and his grandfather are driving somewhere and they damage the car, so Greg uses the field trip to get out of trouble since he gets out of the house before his father knows. Then once on the trip the Chaperone in his cabin is Mr.Jefferson his best friend Dad. On the last night at the camp they are supposed to by themselves with no Chaperone in the woods. When Greg looks for woods he noticed a shack with the words Keep Out Silas Scratch. He goes in and find all the Chaperones with showers toilets and tv’s. All the people are in shock but Mr.Jefferson tells Greg to not tell anybody. Then they get home and the book ends.

I noticed that Jeff Kinney has great transitions because he goes from talking about something then using a good sentence or something along that path which adds a great element to a very basic and easy book and really gives it the character. I wished that in this book they talked way more about when he went to the Nature’s Classroom because at first it was very hard to see what was happening and maybe a page or 2 of basically clarifying what’s going on and give us background info. I was surprised a lot about the ending it seemed very short and rushed it just kind of went from the main idea then bam it’s over with a bad last page. If Kinney gave me a better ending I would like it alot more. I know sometimes that it is really hard to have a good ending but it could have been way better.

Here is a quote when Greg and his best friend Rowley were selling Lemonade

“A few people stopped by our Lemonade Stand, but everyone was just criticizing everything. One old lady said that we did not put enough sugar and we should learn how to stir. Another guy said that it was way to SWEET and demanded a refund.”

Page 125

I really liked this page because Kinney used so interesting writing styles and I just thought it was funny, also this little and almost seeming pointless paragraph actually has a big roll at the end of the book (Not spoiling the book).

I would rate this book a 8 out of 10. It was a good book but it lacked an ending and seemed like a ton of important stuff was cut out. Overall I think this could be one of my favorite books and really enjoyed reading this fun and easy book.


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  1. Hi Bobby, great job, I’ve read all the other Diary of a Wimpy kid books and when I read your Letter Essay you made me want to read the new one. I also liked how you explained the book and if I hadn’t read Old School I could easily understand what the book is about and the characters in it. Great Job!



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