Christian’s Letter Essay #3, Jade dragon

511p7JG5fPL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)I have recently completed the novel jade dragon which is a 340 page fiction novel by Richard Paul Evans. It is the 4th book in a 5 book series and this author has a really good way of sucking you into the first book. This author got me started with the series because after reading the first book for a book club he left all these mysteries and unanswered questions which was obviously his way of saying read book two. At the end of boo two he did the same thing and the same with book three. now that i have just finished book four he did something slightly different, he just left an action uncompleted that was really risky so you would have to read the next book to see what happened to Michael vey, the main character. I like this genre of literature because its fun to think that superpowers are real. reading about them is the second closest thing to having them. In particular this book out of the series he uses a lot of thoughts that the main character keeps to him self and nobody else in this book even finds out. I will be sure to incorporate some of his writing strategies in my future writing and i hope i will enjoy the next book

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1 thought on “Christian’s Letter Essay #3, Jade dragon

  1. Dear Christian,
    I have never gotten into the Michael very series but from you letter essay I now know that I should give it a try. Next time you should try to make it a little bit longer and make sure to include your quoted paragraph.

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