George’s letter essay 3: Tides of War Blood in the Water

Dear class,



I recently finished the first book in the tides of war series Blood in the water by Alexander London. It is 204 pages and is called blood in the water because of the sharks that attack 2 or 3 times. I got the book because Alexander London came to our school and i need a book to read.

The book is about cory Mcnab who failed navy seal training. After his and his brothers lives were saved by  a pod of dolphins he joins the navy’s dolphins program. He and his dolphin (whose name is Kaj) now must work with navy seals who finished training to find a secret sub that could start world war 3. This means it is Cory and Kaj first true mission and must help in an ocean of sharks.

I was satisfied with how the author was able to resolve the navy seal plot with the commander and Cory.The character development was really good because the commander and Cory start to work together. I liked the way the epilogue ended it well and ended it all up.

The part I am going to quote is from the beginning of the book. I am quoting it because it shows how mad Cory is at himself for failing SEAL Training.

“Cory was envious. He hadn’t been sleeping well at all lately. He had a full week at home, but he wasn’t finding it restful. He wasn’t even supposed to be home right now, surfing with his little brother. The united states navy sent him home after the most humiliating day of his life: the day he quit training to become part of the navy sea, Air, and Land teams, better known as the Navy SEALs. They were the toughest, most elite special forces in the world, their training anyone had ever created.

He’d failed it.” page 2

I liked how this shows that Cory is mad at himself for failing it and quitting it early. It shows hw he wants to prove himself.

I give this book a 8 out of 10. It is a quick and good read.




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