Jake M’s Letter-Essay 3: Flush by Carl Hiaasen

Flush By: Carl Hiaasen

I just finished reading Flush by: Carl Hiaasen. It is a 263 page Realistic Fiction book. I chose this book because of its geography. The book takes place in the Florida Keys and a little bit in Miami. I’ve been to Miami and the Keys before and I always have a blast when I go there. This book is about a boy named Noah Underwood and his family. Normally on Father’s Day your spending time with your Dad OUTSIDE OF JAIL. But not Noah… His Dad got in trouble for sinking The “famous” Dusty Muleman’s gambling boat The Coral Queen. Noah’s Dad did that to make a point and put Dusty Muleman out of business. But the boat is then pumped out of the water and back in business within a couple of days. He did the crime because late at night he has seen Dusty dumping raw sewage illegally in the harbor since it was cheaper to do it that way. That’s where baby turtles are born and where children play. Now Noah and his Dad have to figure out a way to bust Dusty Muleman. Noah’s Dad knows people that can help him like Charles “Lice” Peeking. But will they bust Dusty Muleman? You have to read the novel to find out. I like how the author made the story with a lot of detail about Noah’s family and the history about his grandpa. The genre is realistic fiction because this can actually happen in real life. I was satisfied about the ending but I won’t get into details. Here is a quoted passage on page 20. “I knew she’d been to jail, so I asked, How’s Dad? My mother didn’t look up. Oh, he’s just dandy, she said. Is there any news? What do you mean Noah? About when he’s getting out? Well, that’s entirely up to him, Mom said.” I like that quoted passage because of the suspense. It sounds to me like the father waiting for something. Maybe like an opportunity. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10 because this book was full and action. This is one of those books that keeps you interested.

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1 thought on “Jake M’s Letter-Essay 3: Flush by Carl Hiaasen

  1. Jake,

    I think that it is cool that you chose this book because you like the location of where it is. This book seems very interesting and your summery was very detailed. I would recommend adding paragraphs to your next letter essay so it is more organized. Overall nice work.


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