Jake Petrino letter essay #3: The Fall of Five

Jake Petrino
Mr. Jockers
Letter Essay #3

Recently I have finished reading The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore. The Fall of Five has three fifty five pages and each one of them is packed with as much action as the last. I chose this book because it is one of the books in the I am Number Four series and I have enjoyed this series so far so I continued reading. Pittacus Lore has also written the Lost Files which explains each member of the garde and when I finish this series I will most likely read those.

John has recently met up with all the members of the garde and feels they are ready to take down the mogadorian leader. But the army of mogs will do anything so that John and the other garde cannot restore their home planet of Lorien or kill Setrakus Ra. Setrakus is the mog leader and his main mission on earth is to kill all of the members of the garde and take over the earth. So to turn the odds in their favor the mogadorian so have teamed up with the government to take down the garde. With the government on the mogs side it will be almost impossible for the garde to stop them because they are on the government’s most wanted list.

I agree with the author when she described how one of the members of the garde have the strength of Pittacus, the most powerful elder. I agree with this because it gives the garde an advantage because the mogs do not know who has the powers of Pittacus. I disagree when the author describes how the mogadorians can give powers from the dead garde to the mogs. I do not like this because the mogs already have a better chance of winning the war and it makes it even more unfair that they can now have the same power as the garde. Throughout the book John has changed and became almost the leader of the group because everybody looks up to him even though he is not the strongest they have still made him their leader of the remaining garde. At the beginning of the book John was only with nine and nine took charge on his own so John has to get used to being looked up at by the other garde. One quote I enjoy from this novel is when nine says”Wow, Johnny. I send you out for reinforcements and you come back with an old man, a nerd and this little hobbit guy. Nice job. This is one of my favorite lines because nine is underestimating how Sam, his dad, and five can help the team. This proves to not read a book by it’s cover. I would rate this book a nine out of ten because I like how the garde are finally all together and they feel like they have progressed. I also like how the garde are an underdog throughout the story and they have to work hard if they want to restore Lorien.

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3 thoughts on “Jake Petrino letter essay #3: The Fall of Five

  1. I really liked your essay because I have read this first of this series, one thing you should add next time is the explanation of the plot so the reader knows what to understand. I also liked that your summary was very strong and set the scene for the book

  2. Jake,
    I have read a couple other books in this series and have really liked them.I have not read this one however. Based on your rating of 9 out of 10, I really want to read it now. I liked how you went into a lot of detail in your summary.

    Very well done,

  3. Jake,
    I have read the first book of the series I Am Number 4. I thought that book was amazing. The next book I read is probably going to be The Power of Six witch is the second one. However this one sounds very, very good based on your thoughts. It caught my eye when you mentioned The Lost Files series. I haven’t heard of that and I thought it was interesting that the same author wrote another series based on this one. Overall good essay. Well done.


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