Louie Letter Essay #3: Football Genius

I have recently finished reading “Football Genius” a 244 page novel by Tim Green. I chose this book because I don’t like a lot of books but this one is an exception to that. I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down. I also chose this book because it seemed like a good book from the summary and I know a lot of people who have read this book too. This book is about a boy named Troy White who can predict plays before they happen. His mom works for the Atlanta Falcons so he wants to go help them. But, many people don’t believe him and many accuse him of cheating and others just plain out hate him. The genre of this book is sports fiction because it’s about football and didn’t actually happen. I liked how the author made the characters pretty relatable as well. I wonder why they didn’t talk more about how he is able to do this and if he’s the only one that is able to predict all of these different plays. I chose this passage because  it shows how a specific person doubted him: ” This game is about being physical,” Krock said, glaring at Seth. “You’re like every player who gets old.  But its a street fight, that’s all the game is. ” “Coach, can you imagine a street fighter who knows if his opponent is going to throw an uppercut instead of a jab?” Krock looked sideways at Troy, scooped up his remote control, and spun back toward the screen. The lights went out, and Seth pulled the 2 chairs away from the front of the desk so he and Troy could sit down. Krock started running the film. ” He needs a few plays to get the rhythm” Seth said. ” So he needs a few plays huh?” Krock said, snorting. “Sure he does.”” (pg 100) I enjoyed the dialogue a lot and thought it was really well written. I would give this book a 9 out of 10 because its really good.


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  1. Hi Louie, your Letter Essay was very good, after reading it and the number you gave it out of ten, I might also want to read it. I’ve read a couple of Tim Green books and haven’t found one that really stuck out but I might give Football Genius a try. Great Job Louie.



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