Tyler’s Letter Essay 3-On the Field with Derek Jeter

Dear Class,

I finished On the Field with Derek Jeter by Matt Christopher a 140 page biography. Matt Christopher has written over 120 sports books and has sold over six million copies. Matt Christopher has been the number kids sports author for many years. The book I read is about Derek Jeter and through hard work and respect you can accomplish anything. Derek Jeter a New York Yankee star has been on the team since 1996. With his leadership he has brought the yankees, four world series and six pennants. His great play on the field made him the best shortstop ever. With his great contact batting too, Derek Jeter has earned the most respect a player could have.  I chose to read this book because I wanted to learn about one of the best shortstops ever to live. Even though I am a mets fan, Derek Jeter is one of the best role models ever and I always try to use his personalities to my advantage. Finally I read this book because Derek Jeter has done many amazing things but I can always remember the play at the plate when he threw out Jason Giambi to keep the yankees up my 1 run in ALDS game 3. This made me want to read the book the most.


Derek Jeter one of the best shortstops to live wants to prove right from the start he is a star player. Not only did Jeter shine but in 2013 he was getting older and getting injured. In Jeter’s final season he comes back and bats 256 in his final season which is very good for an old player. The day Jeter retired I felt everyone in the world changed. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to see someone as good as Jeter but then feel the sadness as he retires. Not only did this affect us it also affected the entire yankees organization.  

Derek Jeter from start to finish was the same character throughout his entire life. Through his perseverance to succeed and his positive influence on the MLB Jeter should be known as the perfect role model. Derek Jeter did not face many encounters but as he got older he became weaker. But right when he got injured he wanted to be back on the field, he stayed in the gym every day just to get back in shape. To show Derek Jeter’s importance to the team everyone surrounds him  as they win the American League Championship. “Derek Jeter is surrounded by celebrating teammates-they’ve just won the 1998 American League Championship.” I liked this passage because it shows that Jeter is the best player and is be congratulated for his excellence. I rate this book a 9-10, this book was one of the best biographies ever.



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3 thoughts on “Tyler’s Letter Essay 3-On the Field with Derek Jeter

  1. Dear Tyler,
    I thought you did well describing what the book was about. I liked how you gave statistics as what he specifically did. Next time you should make your sentences shorter, many of they seemed to be run-on sentences. Overall, I though you did a great job.

  2. Dear Tyler,
    I have read On The Field with Derek Jeter also, very well written biography. I really liked how you gave a lot of good back round info on Matt Christopher. One thing that you could do better is spend a little more time on your reflection.

  3. Tyler,
    I have not read this book but it sounds very interesting. I like the way you described how great Derek Jeter really was. You forgot to meantion that the Yankees are the best team ever as well. (27 world series) I think you could improve apon you reflection. It was kinda sort and it could have used more detail. Overall, well done.


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