Born to Thrive

Born to Thrive

The pain in my left quad ached almost every day after one of the things I regret doing most in my life, and there is not a lot of things that I regret doing, but this was a huge one.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when it was a nice sunny day and Anthony my neighbor called me.

“Hey Nick do you want to come over and play football,” “yeah sure,’ I responded as I approached the front door.

I looked outside and smelt fresh pinecones, and I felt the fresh air slam against my face like a bucket of water slammed against my face.

A minute passed and I got to Anthony’s house and saw about eight ninth graders with Anthony waiting to play football.

“Who is this kid,” they all said.

“It is my neighbor Nick,” said Anthony. I thought what might happen if two people hit me at once.

“I want to be on Anthony’s team,’’ I howled. And my wish was granted, just like a guinea would do to his customers.

The game began.

Anthony played quarterback, and I played wide receiver, “I don’t want to get hit,’’ I yelled, “you won’t get hit, you big baby,” A ninth grader on my team yelled. Anthony called hike and the game began, I received the ball on a screen pass and a defender cam, but I got a block. I was running towards the sideline, when I realized a defender was coming from one side. And before I got out of bounds he slammed into my side.

I looked at my arm, and saw that the ball was gone.

I fumbled it. “Get the ball,’’ Anthony yelled. I reacted quickly and dove for the ball before any defender could get it.

I got the ball.

The game went by slowly after that and I only got the ball one more time after and I did not fumble the football. Anthony called hike once again and my heart was beating like a drum because this time I got the ball I received blocks, but a very short defender tried to make the tackle, but he could not bring me down except he still held on, so I rapidly raced and ran, and then he finally slowed me down and two defenders came from each side and hit me as hard as they could.

All I saw was stars

I woke up on a couch at my house with lot’s of questions, but noticed my mom was sitting next to me telling me how I pulled my quad muscle and then I fainted, and I got many bruises.

So that is how I ended up sitting on a couch for about two weeks of summer when I could have been playing outside and taking advantage of summer. But, I couldn’t all because of the dumbest decisions I ever made in my life, and that was not thinking before I did something.

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