Brendan’s Letter Essay #3: Rumblefish

The book that I have just finished reading was Rumble Fish by S.E Hinton. Rumble fish is 134 pages and the shortest book that S.E Hinton has written. S.E Hinton has written many books including The Outsiders and other more “Gang” related books. S.E Hinton is one of the most popular young adult book authors and she wrote her first popular published boo when she was in high school. She was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. Her books are taught in some schools but are banned in others because of all of the violence in the books. I liked the book Rumble Fish because it is a book meant for young adults and the main characters are young too. I read this book because I liked The Outsiders that we read last year in school and I saw that it was similar to it.

In the book Rumble Fish Rusty James wants to become more like his older brother Motorcycleboy. Motorcycleboy is a twentyone year old guy who will randomly run away on a stolen motorcycle hence the fact that they call him the Motorcycleboy. But the Rusty James realizes that he might just not want to be like the Motorcycleboy, but the Motorcycle boy has saved Rusty James’ life in many scenarios so he doesn’t know if he should be like him and like or if he should hate them. So he starts to follow the Motercycleboy around and when he get shot by the cops Rusty James realizes that he should just live his own life and make his own Choices.

I was surprised when in the book Steve was out with Rusty James and the Motorcycleboy and he sat there and took a sip of the alcohol that they had. I was surprised by this because Steve is a good kid and he doesn’t get in trouble. I was also surprised that steve hangs out with Rusty James because Rusty James is always forcing Steve into doing things like he shouldn’t do like steal hubcaps or drinking beer.

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  1. I liked your letter-essay. I liked how you looked up more on the author to get a better understanding of the book. This book sounds interesting because of how it’s running from the cops. To improve your letter-essay maybe you could rate the book next time and give a passage from the book to receive more points.
    From Parker B.

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