Kurtis Koopmann’s Day Off

Beep… Beep…Beep, I realised that it was the door alarm. I ran down the stairs and heard her following me down the stairs, so i ran out the back door and my mom grabbed my ear just in time so that I didn’t run away from her. She threw me back indoors and made me call the drill sergeant (my dad). He would always take away my computer privileges for over a week.

Earlier that morning I started my daily routine wake up, eat, brush my teeth, get dressed, play video games then the bad part. School. I always hated school but today I was skipping.I didn’t know it but my brother’s want me to and I agreed. I need a way to get out of there but I knew there was no chance. How was I going to explain to Mom that I was home all day. My brothers had a plan. They wanted me to set up the alarm to my computer when my mom comes in the door here I will hear the alarm on the door. I got on my computer and Linked the alarm to my Skype account. Then started playing video games with my friends until it was time for them to go to school but I get to stay home. I continued to play until I could not play any longer which is about around seven hours. Then the alarm went off BEEP… BEEP…BEEP… it was alot louder in my headphones I realised that my mom just walked into the door because I heard her high heels clanking around on the tile floor. I ran back downstairs to turn off my computer but heard my mom racing after me, like a cheetah after it’s prey. I scrambled out the back door then she caught me by the ear, nearly ripped it off and scarily but politely asked me to call Dad (aka the drill sergeant). He was enraged I could just hear from his voice.  my dad didn’t trust my mom one bit  he’d  rather trust me. so I said “ hey Dad we had a half day today.”

“Oh hey kurtis nice to hear that.” My dad said

“You want to talk to Mom for a minute she wants to talk to you.”

“Ok sure.”

“okay here’s  mom.”

“ Paul your son skipped school today.” Mom  said.

“No he didn’t he just had a half day today.”

mom hung up the phone.

“This time you got away but you won’t get away next time.” Mom Said in a mean tone.

Mom stormed upstairs to go check her emails on her iPad.

Happily Ever after

The End



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