The Art of Losing Composure

Everybody makes mistakes, everyday. Some big, some small. Some mistakes people won’t remember, or some they will never forget. I have made many mistakes in my life, here is the story of my probably my worst one.

It was not my fault.

I used to live in New Hampshire in a small town, but it was a friendly town. Everybody knew everyone, from the babies to the senior citizens.

I was in third grade at the time and a I was a nice kid. I had never been in trouble with the teachers before the incident, except when I was falsely accused of pushing a girl off of a swing set. Which I didn’t do. I never get in trouble because it makes me feel so singled out and uncomfortable.
It started out as a normal day, I had math to start, we were working on long division and it was easy, but not for everyone. I was ahead in my math class. Then came reading, my worst subject, even if my reading was a little better than anybody. Next came our “special” classes such as gym, art, or music etc. We had gym and we played America’s school game of dodgeball.  I was not great at throwing but I could always catch no matter how hard it was thrown at me.  After that, it was lunch, where the first through third graders all ate lunch, it was mac and cheese, the lunch ladies made it perfectly, enough cheese, a perfect amount of creaminess. Everybody buys it that day. After recess, that is when the incident occurred.

We walk up to our classrooms after recess and a lot of kids in my grade race up to the class walking. I never participate it because we also did this in first grade and I realized that it was dumb. I noticed that I was the first one up, I was minding my own buisness and walked into the class first. A kid named Cole claimed that I ran, the teacher told me to do it again. I responded saying that  I didn’t do anything. and she started to get mad, then I turned and walked away.

Right into Cole.

The person I hate to the Moon and back. I was a 3rd grader and I was weird. Just the fire in my stomach from never getting in trouble just boiling out of my stomach and it exploded. I  slapped him across the face. As hard as I could. Just because I lost my composure.


I slapped him as hard as I could across the face. As hard as I could. The teacher watching me the whole time.

That was the time I got a recess detention and a terrible talk from my parents. NEVER lose your composure in school, you will end up in the office every time, I learned that the hard way.


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