The Killer Cast

“So, there is a growth plate fracture in the wrist and that means a cast for four weeks.” The doctor says.


Those were the words that crushed me. My doctor telling me, on September, 28th that my wrist was broken and that I was out for the rest of the football season.

 “It didn’t even hurt! How is it broken? Four weeks? I can’t miss the rest of the the football season! It’s 8th grade! Our last season with Aspetuck. I have to play!” All of these thoughts broke into my brain.

 I was frozen. I just couldn’t believe that it was broken. It happened so fast. That game against Norwalk might have been the last game I ever played with Aspetuck and I took it for granted! It happened in the first quarter of the game. We were losing 7-0 and the quarterback called the 47 sweep. I hustled to my position, fullback. My job on the play is to run to the outside and block the defensive end. The problem was, I tripped and got pushed back and fell back onto my wrist awkwardly. BOOM, a broken wrist. Just like that my season was over.

 Life kind of stunk with a cast. I managed though. The thing was black and ugly and got in the way of almost every everyday activity. The worst part was taking a shower. I had to wrap the cast in a plastic bag and secure it with rubber bands. The cast couldn’t get wet. I was counting down the days until I got it off. Almost, everyday I would say to my mom or dad,”Hey guess what happens in 20 days?”

“You get your cast off?”

“ Yes I do!” I would say smiling.

I could imagine the saw tickling my skin, penetrating the carbon fiber surface, chopping open the white gauze. The doctor would lift the black, ugly thing and my pale, white, flaky, skin would see the light of day for the first time in four weeks. I couldn’t wait for that day to arrive.

It finally did.

And my cast had been off for a week already. That’s right,I got my cast off a week earlier than planned just because my dad is awesome. He booked an appointment and just like that,it was off.

 When I sat on the examining table in the doctor’s office, I thought back to those painful days when I would watch my team play and lose. I would go to the games and stand on the sideline wearing my game jersey, being bored and watching the game. I wanted, so badly, to play.

And now I could.

The table was set. I was ready to go, jumping around and trying to get my team pumped up before the game. I had been looking forward to this game since the beginning of the season. At one point,I thought I would be standing on the sidelines for the game ( which would have been torture for me) but I wasn’t. I was suited up and ready to fly!

The game was exactly what I imagined: hard fought. When the final whistle blew though, we won. The game was over.The season was over. Aspetuck was over. “ The hard fought battle ends in victory for Aspetuck”, the quote bounced into my mind like a newspaper headline. The final score was 34-24. Our team played well and sent the Woodland Hawks home crying,( I know they were a bunch of babies,right?) This game was certainly a great way to close out our Aspetuck careers. I think everyone on the team felt extremely proud.

Although the season was disappointing,(we went 3-5) it was fun, like it always is. Nothing felt better for me to win in the last game ever against Woodland. YES!



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2 thoughts on “The Killer Cast

  1. Trust me I know exactly how you feel about the entire cast thing. Anyway, just great story overall, great description, and I like the beginning when you explained how frustrated, trust me I was too! Great story overall.

  2. Sean I really enjoyed your piece and that was a big loss and we did have some pretty bad losses and you were really bummed you couldn’t play but you still provided a morale boost. I really enjoyed this piece.
    I like your description
    Of woodlands football

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